Please enjoy our huge selection of all things space related including autographs, books, NASA "paper", FLOWN spaace artifacts, assorted memorabilia and a wide variety of items coming directly from the personal collections of Astronauts, Mission Control personnel and other lengends of the manned space program.  As we approach our 17th year we thank you for visitng and invite you to strap in, relax and enjoy the ride.


Use the Breaking News to see our latest one-of-a-kind, rare collectibles from the personal collections of the pioneers of the manned space program. FarthestReaches.com has the widest selection of astronaut autographs, space program related autographs, flown space memorabilia and one of a kind space and space related artifacts on the internet.


The Space Ship One Collection


Space Ship One - Multi Signed

all photographs measure 8x10 unless otherwise specified

Signed by Mike Melville & Brian Binnie who both add mission information




Signed by Mike Melville & Brian Binnie who both add mission information





Space Ship One - Brian Binnie


From the personal collection of Astronaut Ed Gibson

Obtained by Ed Gibson at a public signing event, this 8 x 10 photograph is authentically hand signed by Brian Binnie.  Ed has held it in his personal collection from the time it was obtained.  A few minor indentations from handling that do not distract. 


#Gibson - Binnie


Signed by Brian Binnie who also adds mission information





Space Ship One - Mike Melville

all photographs measure 8x10 unless otherwise specified

From the personal collection of Ed Gibson

Obtained by Astronaut Ed Gibson at a public signing event, this photo is authentically hand signed by Mike Melville.  He has held it in his personal collection from the time it was obtained.  A few minor indentations from handling that do not distract.  Comes with a COA from Farthest Reaches.


#Gibson - Melville 



Signed by Mike Melville who also adds mission information



Signed by Mike Melville who also adds mission information




Signed by Mike Melville who also adds mission information





Process Order






Delta Clipper FLOWN Patch 

Delta Clipper FLOWN Patch 

  Delta Clipper FLOWN Mission Patch


Flight-flown limited edition patch from the eighth and final test flight of the Delta Clipper Experimental vehicle, #44/73, launched on July 7, 1995. Oval patch measures 5.25 inches in diameter. Patch is affixed to a color 8.5 x 11 informational sheet, detailing the flight at the White Sands Missile Range, as well as a color image of the take-off.


Accompanied by a 1995 memo from Dale Shell, the DC-X Flight test Manager stating, in part: “I am pleased to certify that this ‘DC-X Delta Clipper - Rapid Turn-Around’ patch was flown aboard flight 8 of the Delta Clipper Experimental…vehicle on 7 July 1995.”


The Delta Clipper Experimental Vehicle was constructed in 1991-93 at McDonnell Douglas' Huntington Beach facility. It was intended as a one-third scale model of a proposed SDIO single-stage launch vehicle. It first flew in August 1993 and had completed three flights when SDIO terminated the Delta Clipper program. After additional funding was procured, the vehicle flew five more flights before being returned to Huntington Beach for conversion into the DC-XA.

  #Misc: Delta Clipper FLOWN Patch








 Lockheed Fleet Ballistic Missiles Contractors Model


This is a table top Lockeed : Fleet Balistic Missiles contractors model.  From left to right are the A1 (9.25") , A2 (10"), A3 (10.25") and C3 (10.75") missiles.  In outstanding condition on wood base as seen in photo.


  Misc: Lockheed Missiles








Ted Freeman - Texas Deputy Badge and Autograph

Ted Freeman Autograph

Ted Freeman autograph

1964 Astronaut Ted Freeman hand signed Texas Deputy Sheriff's ID Card with Badge


  Laminated two sided card issued to Theodore Freeman on April 2, 1964.  This card was issued only four months prior to his being selected to the third group of NASA Astronaut Candidates.   The reverse bears the signature of Freeman in black ink and the front is signed by the Sheriff.


Also included is Freeman's chromed Deputy Sheriff's badge with his name on the bottom. 


Please note that it's most recent owner has had this elegantly framed for display as you can see in the image provided.  The framing ot absolutely top notch and meets museum archival standards.  The back of the ID card can not be seen as framed but a replica is attached to the frame back for visual reference.  The frame's outside measurements are 14" x 18".  Of course, it's NEW owner may easily remove the contents from the frame if desired and display in whatever manner they might choose.


This was obtained by noted collector Richard Stonely directly from the Ted Freeman Estate and later purchased by it's current owner.  There is no question that this is absolutely unique in every way.



#Misc: Freeman Deputy Sheriff Badge/ID








"Official NASA" Gemini 4 commemorative medallion containing FLOWN metal

NASA Gemini 4 medallion with flown metal

NASA Gemini 4 Medallion with Flown metal

NASA Gemini 4 medallion with FLOWN metal


On June 3, 1965, during the trailblazing Gemini 4 mission, astronaut Ed White became the first American to walk in space. At 3:45 p.m. EDT, White opened the hatch and used the hand-held maneuvering oxygen-jet gun to push himself out of the capsule. His extravehicular activity (EVA) started during the third orbit and lasted 23 minutes.

This EVA paved the way for the first men to walk on the moon, and for the International Space Station's construction and maintenance. Commander Jim McDivitt stayed inside to photograph these epic moments in U.S. history.

This medallion's front side features a space walk photograph, and the reverse, a reproduction of the actual 1965 Gemini 4 medallion.


This commemorative medallion contains metal flown on Gemini 4.  The production run was limited to only 3500 pieces worldwide.  This medallion comes with a certificate of authenticity and a plastic display stand. 


For your convenience I have provided images of how beautifully packaged this medallion is and details pertaining to it's production and design which can be easily read by clicking on each thumbnail.   


Flown Gemini 4 material is exceedingly difficult to come by thus making this display very desirable, particularly given it's very easonable pricing.


My supply of these are very limited so suggest you not wait long to place your order.



#Misc: Gemini 4 with flown metal





"Official NASA" Apollo 11 45th anniversary medallion containing FLOWN metal

Apollo 11 Medallion with flown metal


 This official NASA medallion contains metal from the Command Module that flew the first men who walked on the moon 1969-2014. It is an immpressive  1.75" in diameter.  Both sides are shown in the accompanying image.


Please note that this is only the 2nd time EVER that NASA has issued an "Official" Apollo 11 Medallion with flown metal.  The first time of course was the MFA Medallion (also available here) which was in fact was produced in much higher numbers making this version even more desirable.


 Dimension-ally rendered in Antique Bronze Includes a Circular Presentation Case.  This medallion is beautifully produced in antique bronze with a sandblasted finish. 


Produced by premiere medallion maker Winco International (Winco) who certify that the metal included in the Apollo 45th Anniversary Medallions is taken from Apollo Command Modules that flew to the Moon. Various undefined flown metal types and percentages have been used in the production of these medallions.  The edition is limited to 1000 medallions.  Packaged on a beautiful display card and with unquestionable provenance.


#Apollo Mem - 11 - 45th Anniversary Medallion




"Official NASA" Apollo 17 40th anniversary medallion containing FLOWN metal

Apollo 17 40th Anniversary Medallion with flown metal

 This 40th Anniversary medallion was produced in 2010.and commemorates  the Apollo 17 mission. This medallion contains metal that has flown to the moon on an Apollo Mission. It measures 1.75" diameter and in 2" round case as can be seen in the image provided.

Winco International (Winco) certifies that the metal included in this Apollo 40th Anniversary medallion is taken from Apollo Command Modules that flew to the Moon. Since NASA chose to celebrate the entire Apollo Program, no aspect of this 40th anniversary celebration was to be mission specific. As a result, Winco cannot identify the specific Apollo missions that the flown metal is taken from. NASA has accepted Winco's certification per their knowledge of the metal used and their internal usage of these individual and framed medallion editions. Various undefined flown metal types and percentages have been used in the production of these medallions.


 The edition is limited to 1972 medallions.  Iron clad provenance.


#Apollo Mem - 17 - 40th Anniversary Medallion




"Official NASA" Award medallion with Shuttle FLOWN metal

Winco Shuttle Medallion with flown medal

This beautiful medallion produced by Winco International, NASA's supplier of mission insignia lapel pins throughout the course of the shuttle program, feature in full color the space agency's Space Shuttle Commemorative Emblem as designed by Blake Dumesnil but otherwise differ in design and inscription.

The NASA Award Medallion (1.75" diameter) is "in recognition of all who played a vital role in supporting the shuttle program." In addition, this limited edition medallion celebrates the program's 135 missions during 30 years of innovation and service.

Metal ingots produced for this program were flown on a space shuttle mission and then included in production so each medallion would contain flown material.

On the reverse, a space shuttle launch is rendered dimensionally in antique silver. The award medallion was designed by NASA artist Sean Collins.


#Shut - NASA Winco "Award" Medallion




"Official NASA" Mission Complete medallion w/  Shuttle FLOWN metal

Offered here is the "Mission Complete" Medallion (1.75" diameter).  It commemorates the completion of NASA's shuttle program." In addition, this limited edition medallion celebrates the exceptional accomplishments and missions of the first winged orbital spacecraft.

Minted with the same shuttle-flown ingots included in the NASA Award Medallions, this medallion features a dimensionally rendered reverse showing the space shuttle at work through a launch, on-orbit operations and landing.

These medallions, designed by Andy Boston of Winco with additional artwork provided by Dumesnil, will be plated in antique bronze.

#Shut  - NASA Winco "Mission Complete" Medallion






"Official NASA" Constellation (Cx) medallion w/ FLOWN metal

Winco Constellation Medallion wiith flown metal


The Constellation Cx medallion honors this now-former NASA program. Commissioned by NASA, this medal was created with flown rocket metals from the Oct. 28, 2009 Ares I-X and May 6, 2010 Orion Pad Abort-1 test flights. Beautifully produced and come in it's own plastic holder from which it can be easily removed.


#Misc: NASA Constellation Medallion  





"Official NASA" Mars Curiosity Rover Medallion

Official NASA Curiosity Winco Medallion


NASA is marking the Curiosity rover's first year on Mars with a commemorative medallion minted from metal used in the engineering of the robotic explorer.


NASA's Curiosity medallion features a raised depiction of the Mars rover with its drill-equipped robotic arm stretching into the design's outer border. The three-dimensional rendering captures the Curiosity rover's laser-outfitted camera mast and is detailed enough to make out the custom tread on one of Curiosity's wheels (the pattern leaves behind tracks that spell out "JPL" in Morse code).

The front of the 1.75-inch diameter (4.4 centimeters) medallion is inscribed "Mars Curiosity Rover" and "Landing — August 5, 2012," the latter noting the date of the rover's touchdown as recorded at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif., where Curiosity is controlled.

NASA's insignia doubles as the Earth as rendered on the reverse of the medallion. The agency's emblem is offset by a raised depiction of Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos.
Beautifully produced and comes in it's own plastic holder from which it can be easily removed.


#Misc: NASA Curiosity Medallion  






Sojourner Mars Rover
Hot Wheels - 24K Gold Plated - New in box !!


Limited Edition Very Hard to Find Hot Wheels 24K GOLD-plated SOJOURNER JPL MARS ROVER. New in original box.


# Misc: Hot Wheels Sojourner - 24K




Vintage McDonald Douglas Zippo lighter. Unused and in perfect condition.  As new in origional box with instructions.


# More: McDonald Douglas Lighter




Exceptional Herman Oberth hand signed Peenemunde Commemorative cover. In outstanding conditoin.  Oberth was an Austro-Hungarian German Physicist and Engineer.  He is considered on of the founding father of rocket and astronautics. 


#Misc: Oberth Cover 


This framed display is a USPS limited edition (one of 5000).  It celebrates the acheivements of the space program with a collection of commemorative stamps issued by the U.S. Post Office.  Measures 14.5" x 18.5".  Very Nice!!


#More: USPS Space Exploration


NASA Photographic Index 1970
NASA, 107 pgs.


A vintage index representing the photographs available from NASA through 1970. In very good condition. Measures 4" x 6". 


#NASA 1970 Photography Index


NASA Photographic Index 1971
NASA, 109 pages


A vintage index representing the photographs available from NASA through 1971. In very good condition. Measures 4" x 6". 


#NASA 1971 Photography Index

NASA Facts 970
NASA, January 1971, 103 pages


A vintage index representing in a condensed version, ready reference information about the John F. Kennedy Space Center, it's facilities and programs.  An awesome vintage reference guide.  . Measures 6.75" x 3.75" 


#NASA 1971 Facts Booklet 



"The Gathering Of Eagles" by Jay Ashurst (#817/1200)

From the personal collection of Astronaut Schirra

The print, one of those in the well known series, "The Gathering of Eagles" was  produced in 1984 and honors the accomplishments of the twenty-four famous aviators depicted.  Each has hand signed this limited edition of 1200, by artist: Jay Ashurst.  Each signature is in pencil so as to prevent fading.  The print available here is #817/1200  of that series.

The following history making aviators have hand signed this amazing print:

Douglas Campbell, Waclaw Makowski, Poland,  John F Whiteley, James H. Doolittle, Haywood S. Hansell, Jr,  Jose Larios, Spain,  Bram van der Stock, Holland, Eino I. Juutilainen, Finland, Chesley G. Peterson, Robert H.M. Gibbes, Australia, Marion E. Carl, Leon W. Johnson, James H. Howard, G. Leonard Cheshire, United Kingdom, Matthew B. Ridgway, David McCampbell, Roland de la Poype, France,  Adolf Galland, Germany, Bryce Poe II, Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager, Walter M. Schirra, Jr., Gerald O. Young, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, Brewster H. Shaw, Jr.

Clicking on the thumb nailed image to the left will show this print matted (measures about 32"x40"), although the actual print consists of three panels, comes unmatted and is rolled in it's original  mailing tube along with all documentation as issued. 


#Special: GatheringEagles
(includes shipping and insurance within the U.S.)



dcxcover.jpg (31169 bytes)


Flown aero shell fragment from Pete Conrad's, "Delta Clipper" (DC-X)


This DC-X maiden flight cover has an authentic flown piece of  Delta Clipper aero shell material affixed to it.  The material was obtained from Major Dale E. Shell who served as the DC-X & DC-XA Deputy Director for Flight Tests.  

The flown material was recovered following the 6/27/94 explosion that occurred at the onset of Flight #5.  The explosion was due to the ignition of a vented hydrogen cloud which resulted in a 3' x 17' breach in the side of the launch vehicle.  The specimen attached to this cover was removed by Major Shell from the damaged area just above the control surface.  It should also be noted that Astronaut Pete Conrad was the DC-X Flight Manager.


This cover with attached flown material comes with a COA from noted space historian Rick Boos to whom it was originally presented.  


#Misc 36 


Process Order



Featured "NASA Facts"

factstraining.jpg (54435 bytes)

NASA Facts #290: 


Astronaut Training  (June 1965 - 8pgs w/ holes punched for a binder) 


#Misc 10


nasafactslunarorbiter.jpg (58204 bytes)

NASA Facts:


Lunar Orbiter - (1967 12pgs)


#Misc 11


nasafactslaunchvehicles.jpg (103026 bytes)

NASA Facts Vol. 2 - #5 , 1967


United States Launch Vehicles for Peaceful Exploration of Space 

Great condition!!



IMP.jpg (22838 bytes)

Interplanetary Monitoring Platform (IMP)  NASA Press Kit


Launched 9/21/72



delta.jpg (14565 bytes)

Telesat-A (aka. Anik)  NASA Press Kit


Launched Nov. 72



factspectrum.jpg (48250 bytes)

 NASA Facts #NF-54/1-75: 1975


The Spectrum, There's More Than Meets the Eye  (1975 - a bit musty but otherwise very nice)



nasafactsmannedspacecraftctr.jpg (81898 bytes)

NASA Facts #MSC-04264 


Manned Spacecraft Center (8pgs)




Process Order


Miscellaneous. "NASA Facts"

(listed in order of publication)


A-R-I-E-L : First International Satellite - #C-62 (1962, 4pgs) $6 

Mariner - #D-62 (1962, 8pgs) $6 

Project Relay - #G-12-62 (1962, 8pgs) $6 

Mariner - #D-62 (1962, 8pgs) $6 

Mariner II Reports - #NF B-4-63 (1963, 8pgs) $6 

Interplanetary Explorer Satellites - #Vol. 2 No.1 (1965, 8pgs) $6 

Explorer XIX The Air Density Satellite - #Vol. 2 No.2 (1964, 6pgs) $6

V/Stol Aircraft - #Vol. 2 No.3 (1966, 8pgs) $6

Explorer XVI The Micrometeoroid Satellite - #Vol. 2 No.4 (1964, 4pgs) $6 

Manned Space Flight - Projects Mercury and Gemini #Vol. 2 No.8 (revised Jan. 1966,12pgs) $6

Orbiting Geophysical Observatory - #Vol. 2 No.13 (1965, 8pgs) $6 

Project Syncom - #Vol. 2 No.14 (1965, 8pgs) $6

Pegasus - #Vol. 2 No.15 (1965, 8pgs) $6

Explorer The Geodetic Explorer - #Vol. 3 No.4 (1966, 8pgs) $6

Living In Space - #Vol. 3 No.5 (1966, 8pgs) $6

The Laser - #Vol. 3 No.6 (1966, 8pgs) $6

Rocket Propulsion - #S-1/8-67 (4pgs) $5

Spacecraft Tracking and Communication - #S-2/8-67 (4pgs) $5

Telemetry - #S-3/8-67 (4pgs) $5

The Countdown - #S-4/8-67 (4pgs) $5 

Weightlessness - #S-5/8-67 (4pgs) $5

Solar Cells - #S-6/3-68 (4pgs) $5

Orbits and Revolutions - #S-7/3-68 (4pgs) $5

 Simulators - #NF-36 1967 (8pgs) $5

Space Navigation - #NF-37/12-67 (8pgs) $5

Electric Power Generation in Space - #NF-38/12-67 (20pgs) $5

Food For Space Flight - #NF-41/12-67 (12pgs) $5

Ames Research Center - #O-2/12-67 (4pgs) $5

NASA Flight Research Center - #O-4/8-67 (4pgs) $5

Goddard Space Flight Center - #O-5/10-67 (4pgs) $5

John F. Kennedy Space Center - #O-6/12-67 (4pgs) $5

Lewis Research Center - #O-8/10-67 (4pgs) $5

Manned Spacecraft Center - #O-9/10-67 (4pgs) $5

Marshall Space Flight Center - #O-10/12-67 (4pgs) $5

Wallops Station - #O-11/12-67 (4pgs) $5

Langley Research Center - #O-7/3-68 (4pgs) $5

The Planet Venus - #NF 86/12-77, 1979 (8pgs) $5

The Voyager Mission - #O-281-717, 1979 (8pgs) $5

Meteorites From Mars! - # FS-1999-08-030-JSC (2pgs. w/slight wrinkling) $2

Mars Global Surveyor - #6-99 MAH (3pgs w/ slight wrinkling) $2

Meteorites From Mars! - # FS-1999-08-030-JSC (2pgs. w/slight wrinkling) $2






NASA "Educational Briefs"

These are vintage NASA publications from the 60s


Astronaut Selection -  #10013 (8pgs) $8

Astronaut Training - #10014 -  holes for binder (8pgs) $5 

Food For Space Flight - #1008 - (8pgs) $5

Spacecraft Atmosphere: Physiological Considerations - #1010 - (4pgs) $4

Lunar Reference Mosaic - #2004 -  holes for binder (2pgs) $4

Space Food Preparation: Freeze Dehydration Process - #1002 - holes for binder (4pgs) $4

Foods For Use In Space  #1003 - holes for binder (2pgs) $4

Gemini Spacesuits -  #1004 - holes for binder (2pgs) $4

Circulatory Problems Resulting From Weightlessness -  #1004.1 -  (2pgs) $4

Measures To Overcome The Problems Of Postural Hypotension -  #1004.2 -  (2pgs) $4

Lunar Reference Mosaic -  #2002 -  (2pgs) $4

Meteorites: Iron And Stony  -  #2040 - (4pgs) $4

Chemical Propellant Performance -  #3001 - (2pgs) $3

Lithium Hydroxide Removal Of Carbon Dioxide In Spacecraft -  #3002 - (2pgs) $3

Cryogenic Hydrogen Fuel -  #3003.1 (2pgs) $4

Ortho-Hydrogen Conversion To Para Hydrogen -  #3003.2 (2pgs) $4

Monopropellant Reaction Control Systems -  #3004 (4pgs) $4

Molybdenum Disulfide High Vacuum Lubricants -  #3705 (2pgs) $4

Satellite Orbital Factors - #4002 - (2pgs) $4

Chemical Propellant Performance - #3001 (2pgs) $4

  Orbit And Revolution Of Spacecraft - #5001 (4pgs) $4 





"NASA "News"

These are vintage NASA publications from the 60s and 70s


Viking Contract Award - 69-82 - (2pgs) $4 

Lunar Orbiter Book Out - 70-82 - (2pgs)  - A bit wrinkled - $2

Apollo Motion Picture Footage - 7/25/69 (2pgs)  - $4 

Mariner 9 Special- No date but definitely pre-launch - (4pgs) $4z

Mariner 9 Status Report - 9/2/71 - (1pg) $4

Mariner 9 Special : Martian Moons  -  10/14/71 - (5pgs) $4

Mariner 9 Special Fillers  - 10/18/71 -  (2pgs) $4

NASA Feature - Mariner 9 Martian Moons  - 10/14/71 -  (5pgs) $4

NASA Feature - Mars "Wave of Darkening"  - 10/14/71 -  (5pgs) $4

Ransone Appointment - 5/19/72 (3pgs)  - $2

Nuclear System For Converting Wastes To Water - 5/19/72 (3pgs)  - $4

NASA Official On College Assignment - 6/9/72  (2pgs) $2

NASA And Soviet Scientists Exchange Moon Data - 7/1/72 -  (1pg) $3

Apollo 17 - Lunar Labels  - 7/9/72 -  (3pgs) $12

HEAO Experiment Contracts Awarded - 7/18/72 -  (3pgs) $4

Jones Appointment - 7/18/72 -  (2pgs) $2

Student Experiments Selected For Skylab - 7/20/72 -  (7pgs) $10

Special : Ground Controllers Revive (Pioneer 7) Spacecraft Behind Sun - 9/1/72 -  (3pgs) $5

Moscow Meeting On Joint Space Mission - 10/5/72 -  (3pgs) $5

Battelle Corporation Conducts NASA Fire Tests - 10/10/72 -  (2pgs) $4

STOL Conference At Ames - 10/11/72 -  (2pgs) $4

Computer Institute At Langley Research Center - 10/11/72 -  (2pgs) $4

Apollo 17 Lunar Rover Vehicle - 10/11/72 -  (3pgs) $12

Apollo 17 Mission Emblems - 10/11/72 -  (6pgs) $12

Biomedical Spinoff From Skylab - 10/12/72 -  (5pgs) $4

Technology Study Contract Awarded - 10/13/72 -  (3pgs) $4

Gamma Ray Satellite (SAS-B) To Be Launched From Africa - 10/13/72 -  (22pgs) $8

ERTS Abstracts Now Available - 10/19/72 -  (2pgs) $2

Apollo 17 Night Photos - 10/25/72 -  (3pgs) $12

SAS-B Launch Delayed 10/25/72  - (2pgs)  - $4

Apollo 17 First Scientist To Explore The Moon - 10/26/72 -  (4pgs) $12





"Spaceport News"

"Spaceport News" is the Kennedy Space Center news publication

(condition varies from good to excellent)


10th Anniversary Of  KSC - 7/29/72 (12pgs) $5

Apollo 17 Set For Launch Dec. 6 - 11/30/72 (8pgs) $5

Pioneer, Telesat, Intelsat Launches on April Schedule - 3/22/72 (8pgs) $5

Apollo 11 Reaches for A Distant World July 16, 1969: Special 5th Anniversary Edition - 7/16/74 (8pgs) $12

Apollo Soyuz: A New Beginning - 7/14/75 (8pgs) $5

KSC Awaits Shuttle (STS-1) Launch Countdown - 3/27/81 (8pgs) $10

Columbia (STS-1) Sails On Fantastic Voyage - 4/24/81 (8pgs) $12

51-L ....Hail And Farewell - 2/14/86 - torn 1.5" piece from two back pages (8pgs) $15

Apollo 11 20th Anniversary Edition : "...savor the memories" - Neil Armstrong - 7/16/89 (16pgs) $10

Apollo 11 25th Anniversary Edition - 7/15/94 (16pgs) $10





Process Order



portcanaveralskyneta.jpg (8649 bytes)

portcanaveralskynetb.jpg (9189 bytes)


Port Canaveral Skynet IV launch medallion containing
 flown metal from the launch of the first Titan III in 1989. 


pioneer5f.jpg (30677 bytes) pioneer5b.jpg (38828 bytes)

Pioneer V Communication Satellite Commemorative Medal 




ggswind.jpg (30486 bytes)

GGS Wind - Martin Marietta Lapel Pin   



planelapelgold.jpg (17985 bytes)

Plane Tie Bar   



Mcdonnellkeychain.jpg (14528 bytes)

McDonnell Douglas   Key Ring (pewter)



douglas5yr.jpg (14109 bytes)

Douglas Aircraft 5 Year Anniversary  Pin



30anivqualitymonth.jpg (31083 bytes)


NASA Quality Month & NASA's 30th Anniversary Pin 

Presented to employees in 10/88



pennyspace.jpg (43770 bytes)

These are pennies stretched and engraved to commemorate various events in space history.  Three shown (from top left moving clockwise): Project Mercury (hand painted), Apollo 8 Returns, and Fifth Moon Landing.  



twentyyraward.jpg (39495 bytes)

NASA Award Certificate for 20 years of service, issued to Mel Brooks. 


For those of you who aren't familiar with Mel, refer to Gene Kranz's book, "Failure Is Not An Option".  Mel is mentioned quite frequently and was a very key player from the Gemini through the STS Programs.



ksctour67.jpg (48901 bytes)


Official Kennedy Space Tour Guide (1967)


#Misc 11


mfabest.jpg (63895 bytes)

The Best We Can Be
(Nasa Manned Flight Awareness, 25pgs) 


A very handy vintage reference guide.  Loads of illustrations, photos (many in color), and text.   "As new" condition


#Misc 16


mannedspaceflightawareness.jpg (35969 bytes)


Manned Space Flight Education Foundation Inc. 


A very well done 15 page commercial for this non profit organization that's loaded with nice graphics and informaton about their rold and responsibilities as an organization.  Read but in nice shape. 


#Misc 17


launchfoldout.jpg (69219 bytes)


Information Summary of Major NASA Launches
from October 1, 1958 - December 31, 1984
(KSC Historical Report #1A) 


A very handy vintage reference guide.  This foldout measures 22x17 and is full of great detail at a glance. "As new" condition.


#Misc 18


jscdedicate.jpg (16777 bytes)

Dedication of Johnson Space Center Program (8/27/73) 


#Misc 19


kscfactsbook.jpg (15402 bytes)

KSC Space Center Facts Booklet (Jan. 1971- 103pgs)


#Misc 20


awards2000.jpg (26007 bytes)

NASA Honor Awards Ceremony Program  (3/8/00) 


#Misc 21


awardsceremony70.jpg (39529 bytes)


MSC Honor Awards Ceremony Program

  (NASA 12/70 - 33 pgs.) 


Very interesting program and in great shape.   


#Misc 22


awardsceremony.jpg (15163 bytes)

MSC Honor Awards Ceremony Program

  (NASA 6/72 - 11 pgs.) 


Very interesting program and in great shape.


#Misc 23



spacesystemsdesignmanual.jpg (184192 bytes)

Space Systems Operational Design Criteria Manual  (NASA 8/72) 


AKA: The "John Commonsense" document as it outlines from a commonsense viewpoint, the important criteria with respect to philosophy, concept, design, manufacturing, testing, and operation for both systems and experiments. 100pages of fascinating information and not often seen. 


#Misc 24


planetarium.jpg (21512 bytes)

The Planetarium - An Elementary School Teaching Resource

(NASA EP-42 - 2/66 - 51 pgs) 


#Misc 25



NASA August 1968 Telephone Directory  

An early who's who phone directory from the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston. Contains 78 pages of contact information.  Very interesting associational item.


#Misc 27


jscdirectory.jpg (26559 bytes)


JSC July 1992 Telephone  Directory of Mel Brooks 


This is Mel's personal copy of the directory that contains the who's who of JSC during this period.  Contains 95 pages of contact information for the entire JSC roster.  Very interesting associational item.


#Misc 26




Process Order


NASA (Vintage) Technical Publications

d73.jpg (32875 bytes)

"Comparison Of Calculated And Measured Stall Boundaries Of A Helicopter Rotor At Advance Ratios From 0.3 to 0.4" 


Technical Note  #D-73 NASA:1959 (31 pages) 


#Misc 31


d368.jpg (26196 bytes)

"Preliminary Experimental Investigation Of Effect Of Free-Stream Turbulence On Turbulent Boundary-Layer Growth" 


Technical Note  #D-368 NASA:1960 (66 pages) 


#Misc 33


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"Investigation Of Problems Associated With The Use Of Alloyed Molybdenum Sheet In Structures At Elevated Temperatures" 


Technical Note #D-447 NASA:1960 (64 pages) 


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