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1.  Books signed by the actual author -  we're selective when deciding what to carry but have many interesting titles that often come with value added extras beyond the authors signature alone.


2.  Books coming directly from the personal libraries or collections of individuals such as astronauts, MCC personnel or other NASA or space history notables.  These books are usually dedicated to its "notable" owner by the actual author and/or  may be signed by the "owner" and inscribed as being an important title from his/her personal library.

Examples of individual's who's library's our offerings may come from include but are not limited to Astronauts Wally Schirra, Gordon Cooper, Scott Carpenter, Ed Gibson and Flight Director Eugene Kranz.  If coming from a "notable's library" that book can be identified by the item #.  For example, #Kranz, #Gibson, #Schirra, etc. just above the posted price. 


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Books from the Scott Carpenter Family Collection




"We Seven" by THE ASTRONAUTS themselves

  New York, Simon Schuster, 1962, 1st end, HC, 352 pages
black cloth binding with white lettering on the spine and front board
8vo (6.5" x 9.5")


  Offered here is a fully hand signed copy of "We Seven" that has no equal.  This copy was inscribed and presented to M.S.Carpenter Sr. by his loving son, Astronaut Scott Carpenter.  It is authentically hand signed on the first free endpaper by all of the "Mercury Seven" astronauts: "Scott Carpenter", "J.H. Glenn Jr., "Gordon Cooper", "Alan B. Shepard Jr.", "Gus Grissom", "W.M.Schirra Jr." and "D.K. Slayton".



The inscription reads:

"To M.S.C. Sr. with love from me and best regards from the other Six Mercury Astronauts".


The book itself is in fine condition with clean pages, tight binding and sharp corners.  The dust jacket is chipped and torn with some tape repairs (though a nicer one could easily be found if desired). 


In my research, I have found very few fully hand signed copies of this title being made available for public sale over the past several years making this not only a very tough find but the quintessential example of this title given it's chain of ownership. Simply NOTHING compares. This a serious book for a serious collector and could easily be the cornerstone of any collection.   


#Book: Carpenter - We Seven hand signed by ALL






This is a lot of two items.  The on on the left is a Special Advance Reader's Excerpt used as a promotion for Scott's HC version of "The Steel Albatross".  It is 8 pages long and about the size of the HC itself.  It is marked as a promotion for the forthcoming book and Author Tour.  Scott has handsigned both the cover as you can see AND the inside on the title page in black sharpie. 


The second half of this lot is the actual cover of what would become the PB version of "The Steel Albartoss".  It too is hand signed by Scott on the front in black sharpie as shown here.


Both items have a back side that also provide information about this then, unreleased title.  Both are in perfect condition.  These both come directly from the Carpenter Family Collection. Very rare I'm sure and a great item to dd to your bookshelf. 


#Book: Carpenter - "The Steel Albatross" x 2




"The Steel Albatross" by Scott Carpenter

Pocket Books, NY, 1991, 1st/1st, HC, 371 pages


This is a beautiful pristine copy of this title that comes directly from Scott Carpenter's personal collection.  Scott boldly hand signed on the title page as you can see in the scan.   A great example of this title in hard to fine "as new" condition hand signed by the author...


#Book: Carpenter - Steel Albratross HC







"John Glenn: A Memoir" by John Glenn

Bantam, New York, 1999, 1st ed, 3rd printing, HC, 422 pages

This is Scott Carpenter's personal copy of John Glenn's Memoir.  Scott and John were quite close as Scott was the MA-6 backup pilot.  for the historic MA-6 flight.  John Glenn has beautifully inscribed this book in blue sharpie as follows:


"To Scott, With best regards and many great memories of the Mercury days
 - but most of all for your for your friendship....John Glenn, Christmas 1999" 


The book and DJ are in fine condition with clean pages, tight binding and sharp corners.  A great example of this title dedicated by one of the Mercury 7 to another. 


#Book: Carpenter - John Glenn: A Memoir
$695 SOLD





  Books from the Gordon Cooper Family Collection


  "The Spirit of St. Louis" by Charles Lindbergh hand signed and
dedicated by Lindbergh to Astronaut Gordon Cooper


"The Spirit of St. Louis"

by Charles A. Lindbergh
(Scribner's, 1953, HC, 562 pgs.) 



This publishers hard cover edition of "The Spirit of St. Louis" is a rare jewel.  As you can see, it has been hand signed and dedicated by Lindbergh himself to pioneer


Mercury/Gemini Astronaut Gordon Cooper who had the distinct honor of knowing Lindberg.  Signed copies of this title are highly sought after as aviator Charles Lindbergh was the Neil Armstrong of his day but the extra appeal of it having been dedicated to a Mercury Astronaut, pushes it's uniqueness over the top.  The dust jacket is somewhat worn but in better condition as most you will see of this title. The book itself is in excellent condition, tight, clean, bright and fully intact. 


Aviation and manned space program history collide to bring you this amazing offering.  It just doesn't' get any better than this.  Please feel free to email or call with additional questions.....          


#Book: Cooper - "Spirit"  








"For Spacious Skies"

by Scott Carpenter and Kris Stoever
Harcourt, NY, 2002, 1st Ed., 1st. Printing, HC, 370 pgs.

As it's cover suggests, this is the story of the uncommon journey of a Scott Carpenter, a very uncommon human being and an original Mercury Astronaut.  This copy is hand signed by Scott and co-author Kris Stoever who dedicated this copy,


"To Gordo and Susan"  


This was Gordon Cooper's personal copy and was kept in his library.


#Book: Cooper - For Spacious Skies


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Books from the Ed Gibson Collection





"Reach" by Edward Gibson
(Doubleday, 1989, First edition/first printing, HC, 334 pages) 


Highly regarded science fiction tale of Commander Jake Ryder and the Wayfarer 2, a deep space probe sent out to determine the fate of its sister ship, which has suddenly and mysteriously gone silent.  Is nicely signed by it's owner, Ed Gibson who signs, "Ed Gibson, Skylab III".   


#Gibson "Reach" HC





"Reach" by Edward Gibson
(Bantam Books, May 1992, 3rd printing, PB, 382 pages) 


Highly regarded science fiction tale of Commander Jake Ryder and the Wayfarer 2, a deep space probe sent out to determine the fate of its sister ship, which has suddenly and mysteriously gone silent.  Is nicely signed by it's owner, Ed Gibson who signs, "Ed Gibson, Skylab III".  


#Gibson "Reach" Bantam PB





"Reach" by Edward Gibson
(Futura, 1991, PB, 328 pages) 


British paperback of this highly regarded science fiction tale of Commander Jake Ryder and the Wayfarer 2, a deep space probe sent out to determine the fate of its sister ship, which has suddenly and mysteriously gone silent.  Is nicely signed by it's owner, Ed Gibson who signs, "Ed Gibson, Skylab III".  


#Gibson "Reach" Futura PB



Bools from Ed Gibson Collection



"Evolution Of The Moon: Apollo Model" by Harrison Schmitt
(Reprinted from American Mineralogist, Vol. 76, Nos. 5-6, May-June 1991)

This journal article reprint has been dedicated to Astronaut Ed Gibson by its author, Apollo 17 Moonwalker, Harrision Schmitt.  Schmitt adds a light hearted inscription, "Ed!, Better late than never...Jack".  Ed has also signed the cover as seen in the scan and has added mission information. 



#Gibson "Evolution of Moon" 





"Suddenly, Tomorrow Came...A History of the Johnson Space Center" by Henry C. Dethloff
(NASA, SP-4307, HC, 1993, 409 pgs)


The title says it all.  A wonderful and thoroughly detailed history of the Johnson Space Center.  Ed Gibson hand signed this volume and indicates that it's from his personal library. 


#Gibson Suddenly


"Spacelab: An International Success Story" by Douglas Lord
(NASA, SP-487, HC, 1986, 554 pgs)


A soup to nuts history of Spacelab that takes place primarily between 1971 - 1977.  Ed Gibson was a consultant to Spacelab and inscribes his copy of the book accordingly.  Very nice! 


#Gibson Spacelab



Toward Mach 2: The Douglas D-558 Program, edited by J.D. Hunley  Conference" Volumes 1/2/3, by Tom Jones
(NASA, SP-4222, HC, 1999, 162 pgs) 


With a title that speaks for itself this generously illustrated book comes directly from the shelf of Ed Gibson's library. 


#Gibson Toward Mach 2



  "Realities Of Space Travel: Selected Papers of the British Interplanetary Society"
, Edited by L.J. Carter

(McGraw Hill, 1957, HC, 431 pgs) 


This text book is what Ed explains in his wonderful inscription as, "My start in Rocketry in 1957"  Further Ed adds, Ed Gibson, Skylab III, 84 days - 21 year American Record".  Further on top of title page inscribed, "From my personal library".  Folks, it doesn't get much better than this.  Some lucky collector will have the very book that got the spirit of space instilled into the mind of an up and coming American pioneer astronaut who didn't yet know  himself, that his road would lead to space!   A very important book because it so clearly shaped the thinking of a future astronaut. 


#Gibson: Realities of Space Travel"



"Origin Of The Moon"
, Edited by W.K. Hartmann, R.J. Phillips, G.J. Taylor

(Lunar & Planetary Institute, Houston, 1986, HC, 781 pgs) 


The title says it all.  An amazing reference book loaded with papers on a wide variety of subjects re: the moon's origins.  From the personal reference library of Ed Gibson and hand signed accordingly as you can see in the attached scan. 


#Gibson: "Origin Of The Moon"



  "Red Sky: A Novel Of Love, Space & War" by Mike Mullane 
(Northwest Publishing, 1993, First Edition, HC, 434 pgs) 


Astronaut Mike Mullane writes a riveting tale about "Love, Space & War".  Sounds just about perfect to me!  .  Mike includes a humorous dedication to Ed Gibson as you can see in the included scan. The binding is partially separated on the front side as this appears to be a well read copy but is worth overlooking for the wonderful inscription from one astronaut to another! 


#Gibson: "Red Sky"  


  "The Jury Returns" by Louis Nizer
(Doubleday, 1966, First Edition, First Printing, HC, 438 pgs) 

Four cases that the author writes about from his experiences as one of the top lawyers in the country. The cases of Paul Crump, Divorce, Roy Fruehauf and John Henry Faulk. Beautifully inscribed to Astronaut Ed Gibson his wife Julie.  Ed also signs with mission information (not shown) on the front free endpaper. 


#Gibson: "Jury Returns"  



"Trophy For Eagles" by Walter J. Boyne
(Crown, 1989, First Edition, First Printing, HC, 455 pgs) 


A well regarded romantic story of the pioneering men and women who devoted and sacrificed their lives to conquer the sky.  This copy is dedicated to upcoming novelist, Astronaut Ed Gibson and is also hand signed by Ed in silver sharpie on the red front free endpaper (not shown here).  Very nice condition.       


#Gibson: "Trophy For Eagles"  



"Un Conquerant Sous La Mer" by Alain Dunoyer de Segonzac
(Buchet Chastel, 1994, PB, 222 pages)


Translated from French this book is entitled, "A Conqueror Under The Sea, Henri-Germain Delauze.  Henri is a well known underwater pioneer/explorer and as you can see, has dedicated this particular book to another pioneer explorer, Astronaut Ed Gibson.      


#Gibson: "Un Conguerant" 


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Books from Eugene F. Krantz Collection







"Johnson Space Center - The First 50 Years"
(Edited by Laura Burns & Mike Litchfield

Arcadia Publishing, SC, 128 pages PB, 2013)

  This copy come from Gene Kranz's personal library and he has beautifully inscribed the title page as follows:

"A well written chronicle of the events during

my time space ops.... Eugene F. Kranz, Flight"


A most interesting history of JSC from the Flight Director's own library.  Very nice! 

#Books: Kranz - JSC History





Eugene Kranz's personal copy of Edward C. Ezell's

manuscript of the ASTP Narrative History

JSC Memorandum, US Government Printing office, 488 pgs., December 4. 1975



This is Gene Kranz's personal copy of the first draft of this important document.  This review copy was sent to "Critical Readers" which as you might imagine, Gene was.  The introduction asks the readers for comments explaining that this is the initial draft based "primarily upon documentary materials and interviews". Gene himself has written a wonderful inscription on the cover that describes the contents of the publication quite nicely. He writes:


  "This is an interesting and factual summary of our early technical and ploitical relations with the Soviets in space....Eugene F. Kranz"  



  It is in excellent condition overall as you can see in the scan.  This would make a great addition to your space library particularly with Gene's amazing inscription.  His personal copy and rarely seen in this form......


  #Books: Kranz - ASTP Narrative History




by Benson & Faherty

(NASA, SP-4009, 1978, 1st Ed, 636 pps., HB


  The development of the Apollo launch facilities and launch operations is described from the beginning of design through the final launch. Management techniques, innovation in automation, and testing on the ground to avoid failures in space are among the topics covered. The impact of the Apollo program on the citrus groves and quiet beaches of Florida's east coast is included.


 This is Gene Kranz's personal copy of this title and he has added a most unique inscription as you can see in the photo. He writes, 


  "The "Cape" as it was known provided the facilities launch teams and our environment for our lunar journeys.  The concept was intimidating.. to build the launch systems in a facility then transport it to the launch complex.  Watching the Saturn move out defied the imagination....Eugene F. Kranz, Flight Director" 



An awesome NASA title from the personal collection of the Flight Director himself.


#Books: Kranz - Moonport



Apollo Chronology

Apollo Chronology


"The Apollo Spacecraft: A Chronology Vol. II"

NASA, SP-4009, 1976, 1st edition, HB


 This 1973 title is best described by Gene Kranz from who's library it comes from.  He has handwritten the following on the title page as you can see to the left: 


"This is the day by day journal of the incredible task of building, testing and early challenges of the lunar space systems...Eugene F. Kranz".


#Books:  Kranz - Spacecraft Chronology ll


Apollo Chronology


"The Apollo Spacecraft: A Chronology Volume IIl"

NASA, SP-4009, 1976, 1st edition, HB

This 1976 scarce title is best described  by Gene Kranz from who's library it comes from.  He has handwritten the following on the title page as you can see to the left:


"The space systems are coming together. The interconnected effort is now showing the incredible teamwork to meet the challenge issued by President Kennedy to place the American Flag on the moon by the end of the decade of the 60's" .....Eugene F. Kranz, Flight Director"


#Books:  Kranz - Spacecraft Chronology lll
 $375 SOLD



"Keeping Track"

"Keeping Track"


"Keeping Track: A History of the GSFC Tracking and Data Qcquisition Networks: 1957 to 1991"

Editors Kathleen Mogan & Frank Mintz
(GSFC, Maryland,1992, 1st ed, 161 pp, PB)

 This 1992 version of a difficult to find title is best described by Gene Kranz from who's library it comes from.  He has handwritten the following on the title page as you can see to the left: 


"Goddard was the Comm and Data Hub for spaceflight.  I remember when high speed data was 3 kbs and to talk to the Mercury Tracking Sites I had to call "Goddard Voice" to paatch us to a site via an old fashioned patch board.  Thos were the days of flying a spacecraft flying 5 miles per sec with communications that dated back to the Pony Express....Eugene F. Kranz"


#Books:  Kranz - Keeping Track



"Project Mercury Chronology"

"Project Mercury Chronology"


"Project Mercury: A Chronology"
(NASA, SP4001, 1963, 1st ed, 238 pp, PB)

 The first volume in the NASA Historical Series, documenting the design, construction and flights of Project Mercury. A day by day chronology with many B&W photos and diagrams. Filled with information not to be found elsewhere. Scarce and highly desirable. Great condition. 


This copy owned by Gene Kranz is extensively inscribed in Gene's own hand as you can see:


"Project Mecury was my introduction to manned space flight and my many challenges to write the book, develop and train the teams and operate a spacecraft moving at 5 miles/second with a communication system, low speed teletype that dated to the days of the Pony Express in the late 1800's...Eugene F. Kranz, Mercury "Assistant" and "Flight Director". 


#Books: Kranz - Mercury Chronology

$325 SOLD




"Orders of Magnitude"

"Orders of Magnitude"


"Orders of Magnitude: A History of the NACA and NASA, 1915 - 1990"
by Roger Bilstein
(NASA, 1989, SP4406, 167 pp, PB)


  With the title nicely describing the actual subject of this book, it's owner Eugene F. Kranz inscribes the title page with the more personal comment that follows: 


  "This book from my library is a concise history of many of the advances in technology, science and operations that I experienced in my life...Eugene F. Kranz, "Flight".


  #Books:  Kranz - Magnitude


"Exploration of Space" by Clarke

"Exploration of Space" by Clarke


"The Exploration of Space"

by Arthur C. Clarke
(Harper & Brothers, New York, 1951, HC, 199 pgs)


 The importance of this classic title by Arthur C. Clark is best described in Gene's own words.  He inscribes:


  "A book sent to me in 1969 prior to my preparation as Flight Director for the first lunar landing...Eugene F. Kranz, Flight Director"


  Book does not have dust jacket and is well worn but comes straight from Gene Kranz's personal library making this one a real keeper


  #Books:  Kranz - Exploration of Space
 $125 SOLD


"Skylab Chronology"

"Skylab Chronology"


"Skylab - A Chronology"
(NASA, 1977, 1st ed, 458 pgs, HC)

 A significant volume in the NASA Historical Series, documenting the design and construction of Project Skylab. A day by day chronology with many B&W photos and diagrams. Filled with information not to be found elsewhere. Difficult to find in this condition in hardbound.


This copy owned by Gene Kranz is inscribed by Gene as you can see: 


"The challenges of conceiving , building and operating the world's most productive space station of the 70s is well documented here.  As Flight Operations Director for Skylab l found it was more challenging than many of my Apllo missions...Eugene F. Kranz, Flight Operations Director."

#Books:  Kranz - Skylab Chronology


"The Partnership: A History of ASTP"

by Ezell & Ezell
(NASA, 1978, 1st Ed, 560 pgs., HC)


 This is Gene Kranz's personal copy of this title and he has added a most unique inscription as you can see in the photo. He writes, 


  "This book is from my library of the space missions where I served as Flight Director in Mission Control and as Flight Operations Director for the ASTP mission... Eugene F. Granz"


 It's condition is excellent other than some scuffing to the rear boards but it's importance is that it comes from the bookshelf of the Flight Director himself.


  #Books: Kranz - The Partnership: ASTP




"2nd Manned Space Flight Meeting: A Volume of Technical Papers Presented April 22-24, 1963 Dallas, Texas"

(AIAA, NY, 1963, 397 pp, PB)


Gene's descripton as hand written on the title page describes this important early compilation the best:


"This is an early summary of the pioneering studies that led to the technology of the early years of spaceflight....Eugene F. Kranz, Flight Director"


 Rare, important and from the Flight Director's own files....


 #Books:  Kranz - 2nd Manned Meeting








Apollo 13"

by M. M. Vucelic
(Tehnicka Knjiga, Zagreb, 1970, 164 pp, HC)



This book is best described by Gene as he inscribes in the above image...


"Mike was a close friend and technical expert from Rockwell.  He was one of the "back room room" guys willing to stick their neck out in a crisis....Eugene F. Kranz, Flight Director"


Mike Vucelic has also inscribed the following:


"To Gene Kranz and the Flight Control teams without whom this book would not have been possible...Mike Vucelic, Houston, Texas, 9 Feb. 71"


Please note that this book is NOT written in English but rather Serbo-Croatian.  Thanks to Mike W. for helping me sort that out !!


#Books:  Kranz - Apollo 13


"Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use"

by William H. Allen, Editor
(NASA, SP-7,1965,1st Ed, 314 pgs., HC)


  This is Gene Kranz's personal copy of this title and he has added a most unique inscription as you can see in the photo. He writes, 


"The dictionary provided the common (and many uncommon terms) necessary to work across the nation in the development of the systems, technologies and facilities for spaceflight."...Eugene F. Kranz, Flight Director"


This is one of NASA's VERY early SPs ! 


#Books: Kranz - Dictionary


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Books from Walter M. Schirra Family Collection

"Last Man On The Moon" by Gene Cernan




"Last Man On The Moon" by Gene Cernan

"The Last Man On the Moon"

by Eugene Cernan with Don Davis
St. Martins Press, New York, 1999, 1st ed, HC, 356 pages


Please note that this book is NOT written in English but rather Serbo-Croatian.  Thanks to Mike W. for helping me sort that out !!


"To Wally & Jo with respect and admiration.  Thanks for showing us the way!....Geno"


The book and DJ are in as new conditon.  In addition, Gene signs for a second time on the title page, "Gene Cernan, Apollo XVll, 3/2/99 (month of publication).  A great example of this title dedicated in a very personal way by one three time astronaut to another.  This is a copy that will NEVER need to be upgraded.  A real keeper. 


#Book: Schirra - Last Moon On Moon


"Leap of Faith" by Gordon Cooper




"Leap of Faith" by Gordon Cooper

"Leap of Faith: An Astronaut's Journey into the Unknow"

by Gordon Cooper with Bruce Henderson
Harper Collins, 2000, 1st ed, HC, 279 pages


This is Wally Schirra's personal copy of Gordon Cooper's book.  Gordo has dedicated this book to Wally and Jo.  He inscribes as follows:


"To Wally & Jo, Thanks for all your good friendship.  I've always known I could count on you....Gordon Cooper"


The book and DJ are in fine conditon. A great example of this title dedicated by one Mercury Astronaut to another.  A real keeper. 


#Book: Schirra - Leap of Faith


"To Rule The Night" by James Irwin




"To Rule The Night" by James Irwin

"To Rule The NightL"

by James Irwin
A. J. Holman, Philadelphia, 1973, 1st ed, 2nd Printing, HC, 251 pages

This is Wally Schirra's personal copy of James Irwin's book.  Irwin has hand inscribed this book to his friend Wally:


"To Wally and Jo, My thanks for setting the pace for us !  My very best wishes for your lives in Him...James Irwin"  


The book and DJ are in very good conditon. You'll never find another one like it.


#Book: Schirra - Rule The Night


"Unbroken Chain" by Guenter Wendt




"Unbroken Chain" by Guenter Wendt

"The Unbroken Chain"

by Guenter Wendt with Russ Still
Apogee Books, , 2001, 1st ed, HC, 216 pages

This is Wally Schirra's personal copy of Guenter Wendt's book.  He and Guenter were very close personal friends.  Guenter has hand inscribed this book to his friend Wally:


"Rockwell:  Please make Wally quit his complaining"....Guenter Wendt, Padleader"  Guenter also adds "Gotcha" as you can see in the image above. 


The book and DJ are in fine conditon. A great funny example of the brand of humor that allowed our space pioneers to blow off a little steam during a most dangerous time.


#Book: Schirra - The Unbroken Chain


"America's Astronauts and Their Indestructible Spirit" by Dr. Fred Kelly

"America's Astronauts and Their Indestructible Spirit" by Dr. Fred Kelly


"America's Astronauts and Their Indestructible Spirit"

by Dr. Fred Kelly

(Tab Books, PA, 1986, 1st Ed, 179 pgs., HC)


This is Wally Schirra's personal copy of this title written by NASA's former physican Dr. Fred Kelly.  Dr. Kelly inscribes to Wally and Jo as follows:


"Hope this book brings back good memories...Best Wishes, Fred Kelly MD...15 Oct '86' 


The book is in oustanding condition.  The DJ has some tears and chips but could be easily replaced. 


#Books: Schirra - Indestructible Spirit



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More Hand Signed Books





"Selecting the Mercury Seven"

By Colin Burgess

Springer/Praxis, New York, TB, 2011, 371 pgs.


 The names of the seven Mercury astronauts were announced in April 1959 amid a flurry of publicity and patriotism. This work provides biographical details of all thirty-two finalists for the seven coveted places as America's pioneering astronauts. All of the candidates were among the nation's elite pilots involved in testing new supersonic aircraft capabilities. Most had served as wartime fighter and bomber pilots; some were test pilots on top secret and sophisticated aviation projects, while others were fleet admirals, prisoners of war, and proposed pilots for spaceflight programs such as the Dyna-Soar (X-20). The names of all 32 finalists have been kept secret until very recently. "Selecting the Mercury Seven" also relates the history and difficulties behind the initial choice of candidates. The lives, motivations, military careers, and achievements of the unsuccessful twenty-five finalists are explored first in fully authorized biographies. Test pilots for the U.S. Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, each man has a fascinating and very different story to tell. All thirty-two men had to endure meticulous, demeaning, and brutal week-long medical examinations at the Lovelace Clinic in New Mexico. This was followed by another torturous week at the Wright Aeromedical Laboratory in Ohio, where they were subjected to extreme fitness and physiological testing, the sole purpose of which was to sort out the Supermen from the near-supermen. The final part of the book examines the accomplishments and spaceflights of the seven successful candidates, bringing their amazing stories right up to date.



Making this book even more special is that each of our copies is not only hand signed by author Colin Burgess but comes with a beautifully produced acid free/heavy weight (suitable for framing) laid in card containing the authentic signatures of seven of the surviving Project Mercury Astronaut candidates.  Only 300 of these inserts were produced and when they're gone, they're gone. The special offer is ONLY available through Farthest Reaches.




#Books: Selecting the Mercury Seven



Apollo Pilot: The Memoirs of Astronaut Donn Eisele" Twice Signed !!

"Apollo Pilot"

"Apollo Pilot " cvr

Francis French
Amy Shira Teitel


"Apollo Pilot: The Memoir of Astronaut Donn Eisele"

by Donn Eisele, Francis French (Editor) & Susan Eisele Black (Afterword)
(University of Nebraska press, 2017, 1st ed, HC, 184 pages)

In October 1968 Donn Eisele flow with fellow astronauts Walt Cunningham and Wally Schirra into Earth orbit in Apollo 7.  The first manned mission in the Apollo program and the first manned flight after a fire during a launch pad test killed three astronauts in early 1967, Apollo 7 helped restart NASA's manned-spaceflight program. 


Known to many as a goofy, lighthearted prankster, Eisele worked his way from the U.S. Naval Academy to test pilot school and then ito the select ranks of America's prestigious astronaut corps.  He was originally on the crew of Apollo 1 before being replaced due to injury.  After that crew died in a horrific fire, Eisele was on the crew selected to return Americans to space.  Despite the success of Apollo 7, Eisele never flew in space again, as divorce and a testy crew commander led to the three astroauts being labeled as troublemakers. 


Unbeknownst to everyone, after his retirement as a technical assistant for manned spaceflight at NASA’s Langley Research Center in 1972, Eisele wrote in detail about his years in the air force and his time in the Apollo program. Long after his death, Francis French discovered Eisele’s unpublished memoir, and Susie Eisele Black (Donn’s widow) allowed French access to her late husband’s NASA files and personal effects. Readers can now experience an Apollo story they assumed would never be written as well as the story behind its discovery. 


Please note that all of the authors proceeds are being donated to a library reading fund that was near and dear to the heart of Susan Eisele Black. 



A Farthest Reaches Exclusive:  


As usual at Farthest Reaches we always try to provide something a little extra when offering signed books and this is no exception. As if having author Francis French (on Twitter as @F_French) hand signing each of our copies isn't enough, we are most pleased to announce that Amy Shira Teitel (on Twitter as @astVintageSpace) who has written this book's Historical Overview, has also generously consented to hand sign copies being offered by Farthest Reaches.

Amy is a respected science writer, spaceflight historian and co-host for the Discovery Channel's online DNews channel. She considers herself a self proclaimed "professional space history nerd" and that suits us just fine!! We are most grateful to Amy for offering to hand sign copies of "Apollo Pilot.



#Book: French - Apollo Pilot (twice hand signed)








Friendship 7 by Colin Burgess

"Friendship 7: the Epic Orbital Flight of John H. Glenn Jr. "

by Colin Burgess
(Springer/Praxis, NY, 2015, TB, 1st edition) 



This is the very latest addition to noted Author Colin Burgess's series on the 'Pioneers in Early Spaceflight'.  These books documenting the history of the Mercury manned missions with this one focused on Astronaut John Glenn's historic flight.  Includes a number of photographs with many being in color.


Our copies are hand signed by Colin Burgess on the title page as can be seen in the image above.  Given that the author resides in Australia, hand signed copies of his titles are difficult to come by unless obtained during one of Colin's visits to the states where he will make an occasional in person appearance.  Only a few signed copies of this title remain in my stock. 


Each of our copies are hand signed by Authors Francis French & Colin Burgess using Astronaut Wally Schirra's Fisher Space Pen.


#Books: Friendship 7





"Into That Silent Sea - Trailblazers of the Space Era, 1961 = 1965"

by Francis French & Colin Burgess
(University of Nebraska Press, NE, 2007, HC, 1st edition, 402 pages) 



This book speaks to a time of bold new technology, historic moments, and international jousting on the final frontier. But beyond that, it also speaks to a time of human drama, of moments less public but no less dramatic in the lives of those who made the golden age of space flight happen. These are the moments and the lives that Into That Silent Sea captures, a book that tells the intimate stories of the men and women, American and Russian, who made the space race their own and gave the era its compelling character.


Each of our copies are hand signed by authors Francis French & Colin Burgess using Astronaut Wally Schirra's Fisher Space Pen.



#Books: Silent Sea





"Into The Shadow Of The Moon: A Challenging Journey to Tranquility, 1965 - 1969"

by Francis French & Colin Burgess
(University of Nebraska Press, NE, 2007, HC, 1st edition, 448 pages) 


In the Shadow of the Moon tells the story of the most exciting and challenging years in spaceflight, with two superpowers engaged in a titanic struggle to land one of their own people on the moon. While describing awe-inspiring technical achievements, the authors go beyond the missions and the competition of the space race to focus on the people who made it all possible. Their book explores the inspirations, ambitions, personalities, and experiences of the select few whose driving ambition was to fly to the moon.


Each of our copies are hand signed by Authors Francis French & Colin Burgess using Astronaut Wally Schirra's Fisher Space Pen. As an added bonus, this copy is hand signed by Dee O'Hara to whom this book is dedicated. 


#Books: Shadow Of The Moon






"Falling to Earth"

By Al Worden with Francis French

Smithsonian Books; 1st edition (July 26, 2011), HC, 312 pages.



As command module pilot for the Apollo 15 mission to the moon in 1971, Al Worden flew on what is widely regarded as the greatest exploration mission that humans have ever attempted. He spent six days orbiting the moon, including three days completely alone, the most isolated human in existence. During the return from the moon to earth he also conducted the first spacewalk in deep space, becoming the first human ever to see both the entire earth and moon simply by turning his head. The Apollo 15 flight capped an already-impressive career as an astronaut, including important work on the pioneering Apollo 9 and Apollo 12 missions, as well as the perilous flight of Apollo 13.

Nine months after his return from the moon, Worden received a phone call telling him he was fired and ordering him out of his office by the end of the week. He refused to leave. What happened in those nine months, from being honored with parades and meetings with world leaders to being unceremoniously fired, has been a source of much speculation for four decades. Worden has never before told the full story around the dramatic events that shook NASA and ended his spaceflight career. Readers will learn them here for the first time, along with the exhilarating account of what it is like to journey to the moon and back. It's an unprecedentedly candid account of what it was like to be an Apollo astronaut, with all its glory but also its pitfalls.


Farthest Reaches is very pleased to be offering "Falling To Earth" hand signed by both authors Astronaut Al Worden and Francis French....but with a twist.


Each of our copies will come with a previously unpublished poem by Col. Worden entitled "Rising from Earth" which is printed on heavy weight 80 lb. archival linen paper and signed by Col. Worden with archival ink.  The poem will fit neatly inside your book and is only available through this website with your purchase of "Falling To Earth".  You can read about the poem and see it:  HERE or click in the image above.


The poem accompanying this book is only available through Farthest Reaches.  Not only is this book a great read and as offered here, even more collectible, so place your order today. 


#Books: "Falling To Earth



Apollo EECOM


Apollo EECOM




"Apollo EECOM: Journey Of A Lifetime"

By Sy Liebergot

Apogee Books, Canada; 1st edition, 2003, HC, 215 pages.


  Most of what we learn about NASA's space missions comes from statements carefully planned and massaged by managers and public relations people. With Apollo EECOM: Journey of a Lifetime we finally get an insider's view of how the Flight Controllers operated and just what they faced when events were crucial. This book is the life story of Sy Liebergot, former NASA Flight Controller, with emphasis on his years working in Mission Control. Following the disastrous tank explosion during the Apollo 13 mission, it was the Flight Controllers that made possible the safe return of the three endangered astronauts. Aboard Apollo 13, Lovell, Haise and Swigert performed wonders battling for their lives, but without the expertise, quick thinking and technical support of Mission Control, they never could have come home. Sy Liebergot was there and relates the details as they really happened. And Apollo 13 is just one of the many exciting stories he tells us. Truly an insider's view, this book discusses not just the events, but also the people that decided and enacted those events. These are the details that were never shown on anyone's TV screen; finally we get to learn what type of people the NASA Mission Controllers really were, and how they handled the demanding tasks that were theirs alone.


Our copies are authentically HAND SIGNED by Sy Liebergot who also adds "Apollo EECOM & Skylab EGIL". Please note that that Farthest Reaches is virtually the last remaining source for the highly sought after 1st edition hard cover of this title. This book long out of print, is generally available only in paperback form or at a premium when found in hard cover through used book dealers. This book also comes with the CDROM "Apollo EECOM, Movies and Images" as originally issued. 


As a special way of thanking our customers, each of our copies of "Apollo EECOM" comes with a rarely seen 5x7 autographed photo of Sy at his EECOM Console during the Apollo 13 crisis. Taken from official NASA footage, this is the only image of Sy at work during the time of the CSM explosion available anywhere. To make this even more special, Sy authentically hand signs and inscribes your photo with the date of explosion and adds, "Apollo 13 EECOM" This offer is only extended to those purchasing their copies of "Apollo EECOM" though Farthest Reaches.



#Books: "Apollo EECOM"


Sigma 7 Mission Report

Sigma 7 Mission Report


"Sigma 7 - The Mission Reports"

(Apogee Books, 2003, 216 pages, PB)

First Edition w/ CD ROM - Authentically hand signed by Astronaut Wally Schirra. Very difficult to find copies of this book signed.


#Books: Apogee Sigma 7



Project Mercury by Haggerty

Project Mercury by Haggerty


"Project Mercury"

by James Haggerty

(Scholastic Book Services, NY, 1961, 63 pages soft cover)


The story of Project Mercury told in text, photos and illustrations. This was geared toward school age children and this copy is vintage (NOT a modern day reproduction) from 1961 and in unread condition. Best of all it is hand signed on the contents page by Scott Carpenter who adds his Aurora 7 designation. Very nice!!


#Books: Project Mercury


"American Astrophilately: The First 50 Years"

by David S. Ball

(A & A Publishers, charleston, SC, 2010, 1st edition, 343 pages)

Not signed but a most worthy addition to this page. This uniquely American story of the conquest of space is traced by stamp collectors who enjoy aerospace history. By exhibiting envelopes that are postmarked near launch pads, mission control centers, and on recovery ships Astrophilatelists tell an amazing tale of new sailing ships on a vast new ocean. American Astrophilately assists beginner and advanced collectors in identifying envelopes which meet the International Philatelic Federation (FIP) guidelines for exhibition at stamp shows. More than a dozen experts have contributed articles to explain NASA official marks, tracking ships, prime recovery ships, and why some postmarks are preferred over others. Part two shows hundreds of envelopes in full color appropriate for exhibition and the artist responsible for the cachets. Part three shows the most important part - the postmark. Machine and hand cancels from launch, mid-mission and recovery are shown from the Explorer 1 launch in 1958 through the X-Prize civilian spaceflight in 2004. The appendices contain more than 700 pages of useful reference spreadsheets, lists, and charts. Sample award winning exhibits are included as well as guidelines and regulations from the FIP and US Postal Service. A landmark volume useful to all space event cover collectors and budding astrophilatelists. Comes with a DVD loaded with information on this subject.


#Books: American Astrophilately





Man's Greatest Adventure

Man's Greatest Adventure


"Man's Greatest Adventure"

by Lawrence J. Allen

(BRM Salen, WA, 1974, 1st Ed, 1st Printing, HC, 128 pgs.)


This beautifully produced oversized coffee table book details in text and beautifully reproduced photos, the history of the Apollo Program. 


This copy is part of a limited edition hand signed on the title page by Alan Shepard.  Comes with a COA from that signing laid into the book.  Very nice and quite tough to find with Shepard's signature. In unread condition, "As New" save for small tear at top of dust jacket on spine edge.


#Books: Man's Greatest Adventure

Reaching for the Moon by Buzz Aldrin


"Reaching for the Moon"

by Buzz Aldrin

(Collins, NY, 2005, 1st Ed, 1st Printing, HC)


 I walked on the moon. This is my journey. But it didn't begin when I stepped on board Apollo 11 on July 1, 1969. It began the day I was born.

Becoming an astronaut took more than education, discipline, and physical strength. It took years of determination and believing that any goal is possible—from riding a bike alone across the George Washington Bridge at age ten to making a footprint on the Moon.

I always knew the Moon was within my reach—and that I was ready to be on the team that would achieve the first landing. But it was still hard to believe when I took my first step onto the Moon's surface.

We all have our own dreams. This is the story of how mine came true.


This copy is beautifully hand signed by Buzz Aldrin.  "As New" condition.


#Books: Reaching For The Moon

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Spacious Skies by Scott Carpenter


"For Spacious Skies"

by Scott Carpenter & Kris Stover

(Harcourt, NY, 2002, 1st Ed, HC, 370 pages)

As it's cover suggests, this is the story of the uncommon journey of a Mercury Astronaut. Hand signed by Scott Carpenter.


#Books: Spacious Skies

Columbia: Final Voyage by Philip Chien

Columbia: Final Voyage by Philip Chien


"Columbia: Final Voyage"

by Phillip Chien

(Praxiz, NY, 2006, 1st Ed, 1st printing, HC, 454 pages)


 In ‘Columbia: Final Voyage’ aerospace writer Philip Chien, who has over 20 years’ experience covering the US space program, provides a unique insight into the crew members who lost their lives in the Columbia disaster. Chien interviewed all seven crew members several times and got to know them as individuals. He reviews in detail their training, their scientific work and other activities during their successful 16-day flight, the background of the accident itself and a detailed first-hand account of what happened that fateful day in February 2003. The author provides a comprehensive and personal look at both the Columbia astronauts and the STS-107 mission, together with a behind-the-scenes account of other people involved in the mission and their personal reactions to the accident.  Beautifully hand signed by author Philip Chien.  In "as new" condition. 



#Books: Columbia Final Voyage


"Last Man on the Moon" by Eugene Cernan


"The Last Man On The Moon"

by Eugene Cernan & Don Davis

(St. Martins Press, NY, 1999,1st Ed, 4th Printing, HC,356 p)


This now classic autobiographical book tells the story of Astronaut Eugene Cernan aka, "The Last Man On The Moon". This copy is authentically hand signed on the title page and is  "As new/unread" condition.

#Books: Last Man

Carrying The Fire by Mike Collins

Carrying The Fire by Mike Collins


"Carrying The Fire" 40th Anniversary Edition

by Mike Collins

(Farrar, Straus & Giroux, NY, 2009, 1st Ed, 1st printing, PB, 485 pgs.)


 In this remarkable book, Michael Collins conveys, in a very personal way, the drama, beauty, and humor of that adventure. He also traces his development from his first flight experiences in the air force, through his days as a test pilot, to his Apollo 11 space walk, presenting an evocative picture of the joys of flight as well as a new perspective on time, light, and movement from someone who has seen the fragile Earth from the other side of the moon. Hand signed by Mike Collins.  In "as new" condition. 


#Books: Carrying The Fire


Leap of Faith by Gordon Cooper

Leap of Faith by Gordon Cooper


"Leap of Faith"

by Gordon Cooper with Bruce Henderson

(Harper Collins, NY, 2000, 1st Ed, 1st printing, HC, 279 p.)

  Gordon Cooper was one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts, a select group of the nation's top military test pilots who braved the frontiers of space in the days when strapping yourself to a rocket meant you would be either a hundred miles up or six feet under. Today he is undeniably a part of our nation's history as one of the four surviving Mercury Seven space pioneers. In Leap of Faith, Cooper not only reveals compellingly what went on behind the scenes of the early U.S. space program, but he also takes dead aim at the next millennium of space travel with his strong views on the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence--and even the distinct possibility that we have already had contact.


Beautifully hand signed by Gordon Cooper and in "as new" condition. 


#Books: Leap of Faith



All American Boys by Walt Cunningham


"The All American Boys"

by Walter Cunningham

(Macmillan, NY, 1977, 1st Ed, 1st printing, HC, 321 p)


This book is considered a classic.  It takes a no holds barred look at the space program by it's Astronaut Author, Walt Cunningham.  This the highly sought after 1st Ed/1st printing.  Condition is exellent.  Straight and tight binding , gently if every read.  The dust jacket does have a few dings and closed tears but is otherwise in near fine conditon.  It is hand signed as you can see in the scan by Walt Cunningham who adds "Apollo 7 ". 


#Books: All Amercian Boys


John Glenn: A Memoir by John Glenn

John Glenn: A Memoir by John Glenn


"John Glenn: A Memoir"

by John Glenn with Nick Taylor

(Bantam Books, NY, 1999, 1st Ed, 4th printing, HC,422 p.)


The story of the first American to orbit the earth. Beautifully hand signed by John Glenn.  As New Condition


#Books: John Glenn Memoir


$175 (1st Ed. 1st Printing


John Glenn: A Memoir by John Glenn


"John Glenn: A Memoir"

by John Glenn with Nick Taylor

(Bantam Books, NY, 1999, 1st Ed, 1st printing, HC,422 p.)



The story of the first American to orbit the earth. Beautifully hand signed by John Glenn "To Ed".  As New Condition


#Books: John Glenn Memoir - B




"To Rule The Night"

by Jim Irwin with William Emerson Jr.

(Holman, Nashville,1993, First Edition, TB, 261 pgs + photos)


The story of Irwin's trip to the moon and the journey of faith that followed is told in this book.  It is boldly hand signed by James Irwin who has inscribed it to "Tom & Sue" and adds Apollo 15 with a crescent moon. Very nice!


#Books: Rule The Night TB

Failure Is Not An Option

Failure Is Not An Option by Eugene Kranz


"Failure is Not An Option"

by Eugene Kranz

(Simon & Shuster, NY, 2000, 1st Ed, 20th printing, HC, 415pgs)


This highly acclaimed book that details the career of Mission Control icon, Eugene Kranz has been hand signed by Kranz with "Flight" added. This book is an "As New" unread copy that has been signed exclusively for Farthest Reaches by Eugene Kranz


#Books: Failure



"NASA 40th Anniversary Limited Edition- "Metal"

(NASA, 1998, Limited Edition #0689/1500, 82 pages)



This metal covered spiral bound book was distributed at the NASA 40th Anniversary Appreciation Dinner in Houston, Texas held at the Johnson Space Center on November 4th, 1998. Walter Cronkite was the MC at this event. This is #689 of a limited edition of #1500. It is beautifully produced with each left page representing a photo highlight in the timeline of NASA's many accomplishments. Each right facing page tells the story behind the photo. The pages are printed on heavy (glossy) card stock. This very special book is seldom seen and would be a great edition to your collection as is, or could be easily used for autographs. Though this book isn't signed it was simply too special to not list here.  Only ONE available.


#Books: NASA 40th Anniversary "Metal"



"Lost Spacecraft: Search for Liberty Bell 7"

by Curt Newport

(St. Martins, NY, 2004, 1st Ed, 1st printing, HC, 416 pgs.)



 Describes the exploration of two unique and dangerous environments - space and underwater - and how the paths of two men, one living and one dead, crossed in the recovery of the Liberty Bell 7 spacecraft. "Lost Spacecraft" focuses on two periods, one beginning in 1959, the other in 1985, interweaving the stories of Project Mercury, Gus Grissom and his ill-fated Mercury flight, on-going developments in deep ocean exploration, and Curt Newport's 14-year obsession to raise the sunken space-age Titanic from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Beautifully hand signed by author Curt Newport.



#Books: Lost Spacecraft


Two Sides of the Moon by Scott & Leonov

Two Sides of the Moon by Scott & Leonov


"Two Sides of the Moon"

by Dave Scott & Alexei Leonov

(St. Martins, NY, 2004, 1st Ed, 1st printing, HC, 416 pgs.)


In this dual autobiography, Apollo 15 Commander Dave Scott and Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, the first man to ever walk in space, recount their exceptional lives and careers spent on the cutting edge of science and space exploration--and their participation in the greatest technological race ever--to land a man on the Moon. This copy is neatly hand signed by Dave Scott on the title page.


#Books: Two Sides



Schirra's Space by Wally Schirra

Schirra's Space by Wally Schirra


"Schirra's Space"

by wally Schirra with Richard Billings

(Naval Institue Press, boston, 1988, Softcover, First Edition, 8th printing, 227 pages)



This is the softcover version of the autobiography of Astronaut Walter M. Schirra and is flat signed Wally Schirra in blue ball point pen. This appears to be an unread, “As New” copy of this title. Non inscribed copies of this title are getting difficult and more expensive to come by.


#Books: Schirra's Space



Moon Shot by Alan Shepard


"Moon Shot"

by Alan Shepard & Deke Slayton

(Turner, Atlanta, 1994, HC, First Edition, 4th printing, 383 pages)



Of the Mercury 7 Astronauts, the first into space was Alan Shepard and the last was Deke Slayton, whose irregular heartbeat kept him grounded until 1975. They spent the 1960s at the forefront of NASA’s effort to conquer space, and Moon Shot is their inside account of what many call the twentieth century’s greatest feat—landing humans on another world. Collaborating with NBC’s veteran space reporter Jay Barbree, Shepard and Slayton narrate in gripping detail the story of America’s space exploration from the time of Shepard’s first flight until he and eleven others had walked on the moon. 


Alan Shepard hand signs this copy with his full first and last name.  His signature as the signing tour progressed was later shortened to A. Shepard and not nearly as neatly written as this one.  This copy is unread and in Fine/Fine conditon.


#Books: Moon Shot



$215 (1st Ed, 1st Printing...ask for scan)



We Have Capture by Tom Stafford


"We have Capture"

by Tom Stafford with Michael Cassutt

(Smithsonian, Washington, 2002, 1st/1st, HC, 288 pgs.)



This is Tom Stafford's story as told with Michael Cassutt. Tom was the American CDR for the ASTP crew which was the joint Russian/American mission. This unread copy hand signed by Tom Stafford and Michael Cassutt.  Stafford also lists all of his flights. Is in “As New” condition. Out of print and tough to find in a first edition/first printing.



#Books: We Have Capture



The Unbroken Chain by Guenter Wendt

The Unbroken Chain by Guenter Wendt & Russ Still


"The Unbroken Chain"

by Gunter Wendt & Russ Still

(CG Publishing, 2001, 1st/1st, HC, 256 pgs.)



Includes a bonus CDROM with a guided tour of the launch pads at historic Cape Canaveral hosted by the Pad Leader himself!

Guenter Wendt's autobiography, The Unbroken Chain, is a ground shaking, fumes in your nostrils documentary of the glory days of manned spaceflight. The one man who worked side by side with every astronaut that left the Cape bound for space. Because of his unique perspective from the launch pad, his story is filled with important accounts and rich anecdotes, many of which have never been published until now.


This is an exceptionally difficult title to find flat signed and yet this copy is beautifully hand signed by Guenter Wendt who adds "Padleader" and "Mercury, Gemini, Apollo".



#Books: The Unbroken Chain




Hello Earth by Al Worden

Hello Earth by Al Worden


"Hello Earth, Greetings From Endeavour"

by Al Worden

(Nash Publishing, 1974, 80 pgs.)



This book of original poetry is well illustrated with associated imagery (mostly photographs). This is a first edition with each copy hand signed by Al Worden, Apollo 15, CMP.


#Books: Hello Earth



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