A P O L L O   10  (Stafford,  Young & Cernan)


The Apollo program was designed to land humans on the Moon and bring them safely back to Earth. Six of the missions (Apollos 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17) achieved this goal. Apollos 7 and 9 were Earth orbiting missions to test the Command and Lunar Modules, and did not return lunar data. Apollos 8 and 10 tested various components while orbiting the Moon, and returned photography of the lunar surface. Apollo 13 did not land on the Moon due to a malfunction, but also returned photographs. The six missions that landed on the Moon returned a wealth of scientific data and almost 400 kilograms of lunar samples. Experiments included soil mechanics, meteoroids, seismic, heat flow, lunar ranging, magnetic fields, and solar wind experiments.


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This is quite a unique crew signed poster with a facinating story behind it. Found while visiting Paris by Wally Schira, the origional (which wasn't signed) promoting a well known artist was given to Tom Stafford. Rediscovered several years later in storage, Stafford commisioned 3 of the highest quality reproductions possible of this print as the conditon of the original had deterioated due to storage issues. The reproduced poster as you see it has been brought back to it's origional color in every way. 


All three posters were beautifully hand signed in black sharpie by the Apollo 10 flight crew. The signatures are as strong and bold as the day they were signed. There are ONLY 3 of these hand signed posters in existance.  Tom Stafford owns one, the Stafford Air and Space Museum has the second and this is the third. 


It is framed using the very highest quality museum materials by Larson & Juhl.  The framing was quite costly in and of itself.  The frame measures 39" tall x 31" wide x 1" deep and it is packed in a custom made box, ready to ship. 


This most unique hand signed poster is very favorably priced and more than just a set of autographs but rather "art" that would look exceptionally interesting on any collectors wall.   


#Apollo 10 - Crew Signed Art Print


Official NASA Mission Report (NASA EP-70) published in June, 1969.  It is 12 pages long and in excellent condition.  Making this most desirable is that the cover is hand signed by Apollo 10 crew members Tom Stafford and Gene Cernan who adds mission information.  Signatures are strong and bold.


#Apollo 10 - Mission Report Signed


Vintage official NASA glossy of Gene Cernan and Tom Stafford in CM Trainer preparing for their upcoming Apollo 10 flight.  NASA purple information is on reverse.  Beautifully hand signed in black sharpie by Cernan and Stafford.  One half moon dent from handling that is not at all easily visible and does not in any way detract.  A beautifully produced photo showing the console in amazing detail with it's many switches and knobs. 


#Apollo 10 - Cernan/Stafford CM

Offered here is a tough to come by Apollo 10 crew signed photo on a NASA official "Worm" glossy.  Cernan, Young and Stafford hand signed in bold black sharpie.  In great shape as you can see in the scan with usual NASA info on back.


#Apollo 10 - Crew A



This Apollo 10 crew signed official NASA litho showing the back side of the Moon is hand signed by Gernan, Young and Stafford.  It is signed in bold black sharpie with the signatures in fabulous contrast to the image.  Awesome condition.


#Apollo 10 - Crew B


This amazing image is hand signed by the entire flight crew of Tom Stafford, Gene Cernan and John Young.  The inscription to Theo is written by Stafford.  Beautiful condition.


#Apollo 10 - Crew C


From the personal archives of Gordon Cooper, Apollo 10, Back-Up, CDR


MSC Internal Note #69-FM-139
Apollo 10 Spacecraft Dispersion Analysis,
Volume 4, Rendezvous Dispersion Analysis
NASA, May 14th, 1969, 45 pages


This is from Gordon Cooper's personal training notebook regarding Apollo 10, for which he was the back up commander.  The manual is signed by Cooper who writes, "From my Apollo X notebook. Gordon Cooper B.U. CDR."  It is also signed by Tom Stafford who adds, "CDR".  Stafford was the Apollo X mission commander.  The staples have been removed.


#Apollo 10 - Dispersion from the Cooper Archives



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Tom Stafford

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all measure 8x10 unless specified otherwise

Candid White Space Suit portrait of General Stafford taken during a Lunar Module Simulator excercise in perparing for his upcoming Apollo 10 mission.  This very vintage NASA press release glossy with the purple stamped meatball and photo information on reverse.  It is hand signed in bold black sharpie and measures 8" x 10".


#Stafford - Apollo 10 Simulator Training


This is the one everyone wants.  It's General Tom Stafford's official NASA red stamped WSS portrait.  This 8x10 photo in outstanding condition and hand signed in black sharpie with mission information added.  Tough to find and a real keeper for any collection. 


Stafford - Apollo 10 WSS Red Stamped


As above this is General Tom Stafford's WSS portrait.  This 8x10 glossy photo is hand signed in bold blue sharpie across his space suit.  In pristine condition. 


#Stafford - Apollo 10 WSS Glossy


As above this is General Tom Stafford's WSS portrait.  This 8x10 glossy photo is hand signed in bold blue sharpie across his space suit.  In pristine condition with mission information added.


#Stafford - Apollo 10 WSS Glossy


This beautiful suit up photo of General Tom Stafford' in the suit up room is hand signed in bold blue sharpie in outstanding contrast with mission information added.  Measures 8x10.  Pristine.


#Stafford - Apollo 10 Suit Up


This artful photo of Tom Stafford' through his helmet is beautifully hand signed in bold blue sharpie in sharp contrast to the image. Measures 8x10.  Pristine.


 #Stafford - Apollo 10 Helmet View



Tom Stafford Autographed Photo

This photo reproduction of a Ron Woods painting has been hand signed by BOTH Tom Stafford and Ron Woods with silver sharpie in outstandng contrast to this beautiful 8x10 image.  Only a limited number of these are available and as you can see, they priced to sell !!  Pristine.


 #Stafford - Apollo 10 Ron Woods Stafford SpaceSuit



John Young

see also (Gemini 3, 10, 15, STS-1, STS-9

all measure 8x10 unless specified otherwise

John Young hand signed ISP on NASA litho  8x10. Long inscription.  Absolutely beautiful condition..


#John Young Blue Jumpsuit



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Gene Cernan

see also (Gemini 9A & Apollo10

all measure 8x10 unless specified otherwise


Offered here is a beautiful glossy photo of Gene Cernan in Apollo space suit.  It is hand signed boldly in blue sharpie with Apollo X & Apollo XVII added.




This is an glossy photo of Gene Cernan in Apollo space suit.  It is boldly hand signed in blue sharpie with Apollo X & XVII added.



Gene Cernan autograph

This is an official vintage NASA press release photo of Gene Cernan in Apollo 10 space suit.  It is boldly hand signed in blue sharpie with Apollo X, LMP added.  The usual purple NASA information is stamped on the reverse.  Measrues 8"x10" and is in beautiful condition.


#EC- Cernan 10 - 432


Offered here is a photo of the rarest variety.  It is a vintage NASA red stamped color photo of the Apollo 10 recovery following splashdown. It is in fabulous condition and boldly signed by Gene Cernan who adds Apollo X, LMP.  Purple NASA information on reverse. 


#EC Apollo10-3