G E M I N I  9A


Gemini Goals

The second U.S. manned space program was announced in January 1962.
Its two-man crew gave it its name, Gemini, for the third constellation of the
Zodiac and its twin stars, Castor and Pollux. Gemini involved 12 flights,
including two unmanned flight tests of the equipment. Like Mercury's, its major objectives were clear-cut:

  • To subject man and equipment to space flight up to two weeks in duration.
  • To rendezvous and dock with orbiting vehicles and to maneuver the docked combination by using the target vehicle's propulsion system;
  • To perfect methods of entering the atmosphere and landing at a preselected point on land. Its goals were also met, with the exception of a land landing, which was cancelled in 1964.




Gemini 9A Crew Signed

all photographs measure 8x10 unless otherwise specified


8x10 vintage NASA Press photo hand signed by Gene Cernan and Tom Stafford.  This image was shot onboard the USS WASP following GT9A's splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean on June 6th, 1966.  NASA information stamped on reverse of image.  Excellent condition! 


# GT9-Crew A

 This very early NASA Press release photo hand signed by Gene Cernan and Tom Stafford.  This image was shot on the skid strip at KSC following the crew being flown there from the USS Wasp, GT-9A's prime recovery ship.  Both Cernan and Stafford have signed in blue sharpie and have added mission information. NASA information is stamped on reverse of image.  Excellent condition! 
GT9-Crew B
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This one is the holy grail of Gemini 9A crew signed photos.  It is a vintage red stamped image of the Angry Alligator authentically hand signed in black sharpie by the flight crew of Gene Cernan and Tom Stafford.  There are only two minor half moon dents from handling over the years preventing this from being absolutely pristine.  This photo will NEVER need to be upgraded.  I've seen this sell in it's unsigned state for as much as $200.  This is as good as it gets.


# GT9-Crew C



Eugene Cernan

(see also, Apollo 10 & Apollo 17)

Vintage (bw) NASA official glossy of Gene Cernan in business suit.  Hand signed in bold black sharpie.  Usual NASA purple stamped information on reverse.

#Cernan-GT9 Business Suit

8x10 glossy hand signed by Gene Cernan showing him conferring with Buzz Aldrin. 



8x10 glossy hand signed by Gene Cernan in vibrant paint pen with a wonderful inscription added, "My space walk from hell........Gene Cernan, Gemini IX".  (NOT a vintage red stamped photo).

#Cernan-GT9-Walk from Hell
$300 SOLD




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Thomas Stafford 

(see also, Gemini 6 & Apollo 10)


all photographs measure 8x10 unless otherwise specified

Vintage red stamped NASA press release photo of Tom Stafford in his Gemini spacesuit.    This is the quintessential Gemini era image of Stafford and is signed without personalization in blue sharpie.  Excellent condition and VERY rare. 





Gemini white space suit portrait of General Stafford who boldly signs in blue sharpie and adds, "GT6,9" 




General Stafford in his official NASA business suit portrait.  Some wear from handling but still in very nice condition with a beautiful bold, clean signature in black sharpie. 


#Stafford Gemini 9 - 08



Tom Stafford Gemini 9 WSS on a NASA vintage press release glossy.  Usual NASA information on reverse.  Signed neatly in bold blue sharpie.  VERY nice....

#Stafford Gemini 9 - 023




Tom Stafford hand signed and inscribes this glossy in black sharpie.  He writes, "The Angry Aligator, Tom Stafford, GT-9 CDR.  A tough image to find with this incription. 


#Stafford Gemini 9 - Angry Alligator






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Elliot See  

(Died in tragic accident while training for Gemini 9 which would have been his first space flight)

all photographs measure 8x10 unless otherwise specified



Vintage 8x10 on heavy weight photo paper image of Elliott See in jet.  It is authentically hand signed. See is more frequently found on business suit photos making this a rather unique hand signed image.  Except for a bottom right corner flaw, it is in excellent conditon.  A very nice hand signed vintage photo of a man who gave his life for our manned space program.


#See Gemini 9A - 01


The would be commander of Gemini 9 who perished in a plane crash before the historic voyage.  Vintage color 8x10 NASA litho, signed and inscribed in black felt tip, "With best regards...Elliot See".


#See Gemini 9A - 02




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