Gemini Goals

The second U.S. manned space program was announced in January 1962.
Its two-man crew gave it its name, Gemini, for the third constellation of the
Zodiac and its twin stars, Castor and Pollux. Gemini involved 12 flights,
including two unmanned flight tests of the equipment. Like Mercury's, its major objectives were clear-cut:

  • To subject man and equipment to space flight up to two weeks in duration.
  • To rendezvous and dock with orbiting vehicles and to maneuver the docked combination by using the target vehicle's propulsion system;
  • To perfect methods of entering the atmosphere and landing at a preselected point on land. Its goals were also met, with the exception of a land landing, which was cancelled in 1964.




Gemini Non Mission Specific Memorabilia



Rare Gemini/Agena Program Mug
from the personal collection of NASA Administrator Mel Brooks


Gemini Agena Flight Control Division Mug issued to noted NASA Administrator Mel Brooks.  Measures 6.5" x 7.5" with the NASA/Houston Agena Program emblem on front and Mel Brooks on reverse.  Beautiful condition.    


#Gemini Mem - Brooks Agena Mug





Gemini All Missions Badge issued to Neil Hutchinson. Gemini "All Missions" badges were utilized for GT-4, GT-5, and GT 7/6 only. Directly following these missions, a white-colored combination Gemini and Apollo badge was used.   


#Gemini Mem - Hutchinson All Missions Badge






Gemini 1 Mission Control Badge issued to Neil Hutchinson.  This was the first unmanned test flight of the Gemini spacecraft in NASA's Gemini program. Its main objectives were to test the structural integrity of the new spacecraft and modified Titan II ICBM. It was also the first test of the new tracking and communication systems for the Gemini program and provided training for the ground support crews for the first manned missions.  Mission Control for the first several Gemini flights was located at KSC Florida. Great shape. 


#Gemini Mem - Hutchinson Gemini 1 Badge






Telemetry Standards Handbook
from the personal collection of NASA Administrator Mel Brooks


Brooks ownership

table of contents

Telemetry Standards Handbook
Bendix-Pacific Division, North Hollywood, CA, 1961, 121 pgs.


Offered here is the Telemetry Standards Handbook belonging to and used by NASA Administrator Mel Brooks.  Brooks is mentioned throughout Gene Kranz's book, "Failure Is Not an Option and was considered a very key NASA player for the variety of important posts held throughout his long and distinguished career.

This Handbook is pocket sized and in excellent condition.  It was used as a quick reference by Brooks who would have carried in his pocket or briefcase for easy access.  It is not annotated but Brooks has printed his name on the title page.  It was obtained by Farthest Reaches Inc. from his family along with a number of other NASA related items that have offered over the last few years.  As you can see, this handbook is in excellent condition and as you can imagine is exceedingly rare. 


 #Gemini Mem - Brooks Telemetry Handbook






 Issued to Neil Hutchinson who assigned to RTCC at that time but
would become a Flight Director beginning with Apollo 17



NASA Group Achievement Award


The Gemini Support Team

Manned Spacecraft Center


Date Issued: November 2, 1966

Issued by: James Webb, Administrator


Measures 8" x 10" and is pristine condition


#Gemini Mem - Hutchinson Group Acheivement Certificate



Earth Photographs from Gemini III, IV and V,
NASA, SP-129, Washington, DC,  1967, presumed 1st edition, 
HB, w/ color photos,  As issued without dj, , 9.25x11.75 inches, 266pp 


Contains hundreds of color photos taken of the Earth by the Gemini astronauts. An historical significant book in outstanding condition. 


#Gemini Mem - Earth Photographs

astroclipsilver.jpg (8463 bytes)  

Vintage astronaut tie Bar - silver colored


#Gemini Mem - Astro Tie Clip


astrosgoldcuff.jpg (17699 bytes)

Vintage astronaut cuff links - gold colored 


Gemini Mem - Astro Cuff Links


factsgeminifoldout.jpg (55032 bytes)

NASA Facts #Vol. IV, No.1: 

Gemini Pictorial  (Oct. 1966 - Worn but I suspect hard to find.)   


#Gemini Mem - Gemini Pictorial

factsgemini.jpg (52191 bytes)

NASA Facts #291: 

Gemini Program  (February 1965 - 16pgs. w/ small tear on bottom of last page) 


#Gemini Mem - Facts




Gemini 2 Memorabilia


Charles Matthews GT-2 NASA Badge 

  Gemini 2 MCC Viewing Room badge issued to Project Gemini Program Director Charles Matthews.  Complete with spring loaded clip as issued. 


  #Gemini Mem - Matthews GT2 MCC








Gemini 3 Memorabilia


An interesting and seldom seen novelty item produced by Kapp Records.  It's owner was a fan of the space program as well as a collector.  This amusing record label might have been used, had "Molly Brown" actually been produced (though it wasn't!).  As you can see, it was a "NASA Production" and starred Gus Grissom and John Young !!  I'm not sure how many of these were produced but given how how I've never before seen on, assume that very few have survived.  I have only two available.


#Gemini Mem - Kapp

factsgt3.jpg (35153 bytes)


NASA Facts #291-A: 

Gemini 3 Flight (April 1965 - 12pgs) 


#Gemini Mem - GT3 Facts 291-A





Gemini 4 Memorabilia



Gemini IV FLOWN Fliteline Medallion.  Before Robbins Medallions these were the only game in town for flown medallions and were heavily sought after.  This Sterling Silver medallion is in beautiful condition.


#Gemini Mem - GT4  Fliteline Medallion


Gemini 5 Memorabilia
factsgt5.jpg (52134 bytes)


NASA Facts #291-C: 

Gemini 5 Flight (Oct. 1965 - 14pgs)


#Gemini Mem - GT5 Facts



Gemini 6 Memorabilia
bernergt6press.jpg (18288 bytes)

Gemini 6 (Schirra & Stafford) MCC Press badge issued to Scott Brenner of NBC. Great shape. 


#Gemini Mem - GT6 Badge



GTA-6 Target Badge - Clearance Authority - issued to Charles Matthews, Project Gemini Program Director.  Complete with spring clip as issued. 


#Gemini Mem - GTA-6 Matthews Clearance Badge



NASA Technical Memorandum
High Altitude Atmospheric Measurements for the Reentries of Gemini 6 & Gemini 7
NASA TM X - 58003, November 1966, 80 pages


This document is quite technical and includes many graphs, charts, calculations and plenty of text within it's 80 pages.  It is hand signed on it's cover by the flight crew of Wally Schirra and Tom Stafford who both add mission information.  In beautiful condition. 


#Gemini Mem - GT6 Technical Memorandum Crew Signed






Gemini 7 Memorabilia


This Gemini Launch Vehicle 7 (GT7) badge was issued to it's user by H.L. Lindsey, Supervisor, Security, Martin Co. at Cape Canaveral.  It comes with its origional plastic holder with pin to affix to clothing as you see from the scan.  The badge is quite beautiful as far as badges go and this on is outstanding condition.         


#Gemini Mem - GT7 Launch Vehicle Badge




This most unusual pocket leather note pad cover was owned and used Neil Hutchinson who at that time worked in NASA's Real Time Computer Complex but would later go on to become an Apollo - Shuttle Flight Director. 


As you can see this vintage cover has a Gemini 6/7 emblem on one side and "THINK" on the other.  It would seem very appropriate for someone in Neil's position wouldn't you say?  The pad has but a few blank pages left but that notwithstanding was obviiously well used and now waiting for someone to add this piece of space history to their collection.  Measures 3" x 4.5".  If it could only talk.  This is the first like it I've ever seen.



#Gemini Mem - Hutchinson THINK




Gemini 8 Memorabilia



Gemini 8 MCC Badge (Armstrong & Collins) issued to Neil Hutchinson.  Badge is in excellent condition as you can see by the scan.  


#Gemini Mem - GT-8 MCC Badge



Gemini 8 Target Badge - Clearance Authority - issued to Charles Matthews, Project Gemini Program Director.  Complete with spring clip as issued. 


#Gemini Mem - GT-8 Matthews Clearance Badge





Gemini 9A Memorabilia


bernergt9press.jpg (19777 bytes)

Gemini 9 (Stafford & Cernan) MCC Press badge issued to Scott Brenner of NBC. Great shape. 


#Gemini Mem - 9 Brenner Badge



Gemini 9A MCC Badge

Gemini 9A (Stafford & Cernan) MCC badge issued to Flight Controller Alan C. Glines.  In very nice shape despite being well used. 


#Gemini Mem - 9A MCC Badge


factsgt9a.jpg (47320 bytes)


NASA Facts #291-F: 

Gemini 9A Flight (August 1966 - 12pgs) 


#Gemini Mem - 9 NASA Facts






Gemini 11 Memorabilia


This is the GT-11 MCC badge issued to and used by noted NASA Flight Controller Alan Glines.  Due to their limited number and the increasing number of badge collectors, these are becoming increasingly scarce.  This badge is in excellent condition despite having been used on a daily basis by Glines.


#Gemini Mem - 11 Glines MCC Badge


bernergt11press.jpg (19466 bytes)

Gemini 11 (Conrad & Gordon) MCC Press badge issued to Scott Brenner of NBC. Great shape. 


#Gemini Mem - 11 Brenner Badge

factsgt11.jpg (40261 bytes)


NASA Facts #291-H: 

Gemini 11 Flight (Oct. 1966 - 12 pgs) 


#Gemini Mem - 11 Facts





Gemini 12 Memorabilia

gemini45dayrpt.jpg (24294 bytes)


Gemini  Agena Target Vehicle 5001 (GT-12) Systems Test Evaluation - 45 Day Report (Lockheed, 12/23/66, 107pgs)


As required with their contract with NASA, Lockheed provides their flight evaluation report for their Agena Target Vehicle (5001) following the Gemini XII flight of Buzz Aldrin and James Lovell.  It's loaded with charts, tables, and text and is the personal copy of Mel Brooks, Chief, Agena/LM Systems Branch.  Super condition.


#Gemini Mem - 12 Agena Test Evaluation





Gordon Cooper hand signed cover with KSC Gemini 12 cachet for which Gordo was the backup CDR.  Gordo hand signs and adds GT12 BU CDR.  It is cancelled at Cape Canaveral, Fl. on Nov. 11, 1966 (GT-12 launch day).  Very nice! 


#Gemini Mem - 12 Cooper Signed Cover





GT12 MCC Badge from well known Flight Controller, Alan Glines.  This one has taken some wear and tear but oh, the stories it could tell from that last of the Gemini flights.  Some delaminating to this badge but if stored properly would last a lifetime.  


#Gemini Mem - 12 Glines MCC Badge


factsgt12.jpg (42392 bytes)


NASA Facts #291-I: 

Gemini 12 Flight and Gemini Program Summary (Dec. 1966 - 24pgs)


#Gemini Mem - 12 Facts






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