Project Mercury


Initiated in 1958, completed in 1963, Project Mercury was the United States' first man-in-space program.  The objectives of the program, which made six manned flights from 1961 to 1963, were specific:


To orbit a manned spacecraft around Earth;

To investigate man's ability to function in space;

To Recover both man and spacecraft safely.



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 Mercury 7 Astronauts hand signed photo
from the Cooper Family Collection


Offered here is a very uncommon 11" x 14" image of the Mercury 7 Astronauts produced by McDonnell Aircraft Corporation.  It has been hand signed by all of the Mercury 7 in their vintage signature style.  While the photo is discolored from age and being on display in Gordon Cooper's office, the signatures look as though they were just signed yesterday.  The dedication is: " To Col & Mrs. Leroy G. Cooper with best wishes from the Mercury Astronauts"  In very good condition and directly from the astronaut's personal collection, making it highly desirable. 


#Cooper Collection: Mercury 7 Signed





Mercury 7 - hand signed by All

Mercury 7 - Hand signed by ALL !

 Mercury 7 Astronauts hand signed photo


The Mercury 7 hand signed presentation offered here is simply stunning.  The origional faded image that came with this presentation has been replaced with one that is identical but pristine in order for this piece to present at it's best. 

The signatures however are nothing short of spectacular.  They are all in vintage style and as strong as they were at the time they were signed.  Making this even more interesting is that it's been incribed, "To our good friend Bob Considine (the co-author of "30 Seconds over Tokyo") with warmest personal regards, ......."

The frame itself measures a substantial 24" x 24" and is beyond elegant as well as museum quality in every way. This is an outstanding example of a fully hand signed  Mercury 7 presentation and one that will never to be upgraded.



#Mercury Multi: Mercury 7 Signed (Considine)


Mercury 7 - hand signed by ALL ! Mercury 7 - hand signed by ALL !



Mercury 7 Astronauts hand signed photo


The Mercury 7 hand signed presentation while not in great shape, is priced accordingly. It's perfect for the collector on a budget wanting to add a fully signed authentic set of Mercury 7 autographs to their collection. The photo is faded but could easily be replaced with the same image via a modern day reprint.  The signatures of Glenn, Cooper, Carpenter and Slayton are quite legible.  The signatures of Grissom, Shepard and Schirra and quite faded though as you can see in the scan can still be read. All signatures however are in vintage style.

The mat itself measures a substantial 16" x 15" and the opening of the signature panel is 13.25" x 2". Priced to sell.....



#Mercury Multi: Mercury 7 Signed (AA)





This awesome photo of a Mercury Atlas launch hand signed by the 4 Mercury Astronauts who rode it. Gordon Cooper, Wally Schirra, John Glenn and Scott Carpenter.  They have each signed in black sharpie.  It measures a substantial 8x5" x 11".  The signatures on this wonderful image should be considered an essential part of any space autograph collection.

#Mercury Multi - Atlas Launch

Mercury 7 hand signed montage This awesome montage photo of Gordon Cooper, Wally Schirra, John Glenn and Scott Carpenter has been signed in silver by each.  This is an Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF) production that goes back to their 20th anniversary in 2004.  This one signed in silver is #68/90.  Comes with a COA issued by the ASF. Measures 8"x10".

#Mercury Multi - Montage



A second image of Mercury 7 meeting with President John Kennedy and First Lady Jackie at the White House.  John Glenn was not present that day.  The President can be seen sitting in his rocking chair with pillow to ease his back pain resulting from WW2 injuries (PT-109).  Hand signed by Wally Schirra & Scott Carpenter who have both added their mission designations.   A most unique image.  One per person - less than 6 available. 


#Mercury Multi - White House



This magnificent image of the Mercury 7 Monument is hand signed by Wally Schirra & Scott Carpenter who have each added their mission designations.  The launch pad can be seen in background.  One per person  


#Mercury Multi - Monument


Index sized card size paper hand signed by Alan Shepard and Wally Schirra.  Inscribed to Adam.  Measures 3"x5". 

#Mercury Multi - ShepardSchirra Index 



Special: Signed by both Cece Bibby AND Scott Carpenter !!


Scott Carpenter and Mercury Artist, Cece Bibby overlooking Cece's Aurora 7 emblem as it's being applied to Scott's capsule.  Scott hand signs and Cece hand signs and inscribes accordingly, "Giving Scott an art lesson...5/62, Cece Bibby, Artist".    Measures 10x8.  Very limited supply.


#Mercury Multi - Carpenter/Bibby $225


Special: Signed by Dee O'Hara AND Scott Carpenter

#Scott Carpenter showing Dee O'Hara his Astronaut's watch. 

#Mercury Multi - Carpenter/O'Hara watch


Special: Signed by both Cece Bibby AND Scott Carpenter !! 


Scott's periscope view.  Practical joke played by Mercury Artist Cece Bibby. 


#Mercury Multi - Carpenter Periscope View



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