Space Shuttle


Since 1981, NASA space shuttles have been rocketing from the Florida coast into Earth orbit. The five orbiters — Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour — have flown more than 130 times, carrying over 350 people into space and travelling more than half a billion miles, more than enough to reach Jupiter.

Designed to return to Earth and land like a giant glider, the shuttle was the world's first reusable space vehicle. More than all of that, though, the shuttle program expanded the limits of human achievement and broadened our understanding of our world.



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 Space Shuttle Multi-Signed






Photo mounted on matt board containing approximately 39 signatures.  Included in part  are Astronaut Candidate Steve Thorne (incredibly rare), Dick Scobee, Vance Brand, Sonny Carter, Charles Bolden, Jay Apt, Franklin Chang, Mary Cleave, David Low, Bob Cabana, John Blaha, Rick Hieb, James Buchli x2, Mark Brown, Bryan O'Conner, Tony England, Loren Shriver, Dave Leestma, Bill Fisher, Don Williams,  Jim Wetherbee, Brian Duffy, Karol Bobko, Karl Henize, Michael Baker and 3-4 I am unable to read.  I will be happy to send images showing all of the signatures more clearly upon request. 


The matt measures 16" x 20" and does have some scattered spotting .  The photograph which appears to be a image of the VAB at KSC measures 10.75" x 13.25".


  #Multi STS - KSC-VAB








Retirement Presentation for Flight Controler Alan Glines
Hand signed by 57 Astronauts including 4 from STS-51L !!!


Offered here is a retirement presentation given to long time NASA Flight Controller Alan Glines. Glines began at NASA as a Flight Controller and worked through Apollo becoming an Assistant Flight Director for ASTP. His last NASA assignment was as a member of the two person Shuttle Support Team for the Astronauts of the Approach and Landing Test Program (ALT) from 1976-78. This presentation is hand signed by an impressive 57 astronauts.


The header says, "To Alan: Best wishes from the Astronaut Office !"  A representative sampling of the signatures on the mat surrounding this beautiful Space Shuttle image include:

Judy Resnik (Challenger 51L), Ellison Onizuka (Challenger 51L), Dick Scobee (Challenger 51L), Ron McNair (Challenger 51L), Alan Bean, Sally Ride, Vance Brand, John Young, Richard Truly, Rhea Seddon, Paul Weitz, Anna Lee Fisher, Vance Brand, Kathy Sullivan, Joe Allen, Ed Gibson, Owen Garriott, Bruce McCandless and many others. The mat measures 21” x 20” mat with the photo itself measuring 16”x17”. This is an important piece with some highly desirable signatures including 4 of the STS-51L crew, the first American woman in space, two moonwalkers (one who is no longer signing and has become quite pricy to obtain) as well many others. A wonderful collection of authentic autographs from the Flight Controller’s personal collection.



#Multi STS-ALT



Retirement Presentation for NASA Administrator Mel Brooks
Hand signed by 102 !!!


Offered here is a retirement presentation given to NASA Administrator Mel Brooks. Mel was well known and respected and mentioned often in Gene Kranz’s book, “Failure Is Not An Option”. Click here for more information about Mel’s NASA career. There are approximately 102 signatures on this 16” x 20” mat. The photo itself measures 11”x14”. The signatures are primarily astronauts but some Mission Control Directors/Controllers have signed as well. This is an autograph collection unto itself and all are absolutely authentic. This vintage presentation was given to Brooks sometime in 1975 upon his leaving the Johnson Space Center. In very good condition with some flaws. This one is a GREAT value !

The presentation plaque reads, "To Mel Brooks from your many friends at the Johnson Space Center".  The following names represent a small sampling of the 102 signatures on this most impressive presentation:

Bob Crippen, Joe Engle, John Young, Sy Liebergot, Rod Loe, Vance Brand, Alan Bean, Richard Truly, Dick Scobee, Don Puddy, Gene Kranz, Dick Covey, Joe Allen, Owen Garriott and George Abbey.  Others can be seen in the scan or feel free to ask for additional photos or information. 



#Multi STS-Brooks Retirement






This official vintage glossy of the ALT-1 Crew is hand signed by flight crew members Fred Haise and Gordon Fullerton.  The photos is in pristine condition with usual NASA information on reverse.  Measures 8x10. Very nice!




sts6launch.jpg (53245 bytes)



STS-6 Launch


Hand signed by Paul Weitz (STS-6) and Rick Searfoss (STS-58, 76, 90).









Cover hand signed by Richard Truly and Joe Engle.  The was commemorating the Grumman Gulfstream II Shuttle Training Aircraft (STA).  This NASA training vehicle duplicated the Space Shuttle's approach profile handling qualities, allowing Space Shuttle pilots to simulate Shuttle landings under controlled conditions before attempting the task on board the actual orbiter. 


This test flight took place on March 31, 1977 over White Sands Missle Range, NM and is hand signed by flight crew member Astronaut Richard Truly.  Astronaut Joe Engle who was in the T-38 Trainer also signs.  Very nice. 


#Shuttle - Gulfstream II Trainer



2005 Astronaut Hall of Fame Induction Poster


This official Astronaut Hall of Fame Induction poster has been neatly hand signed by 2005 inductees Bruce McCandless, Joe Allen and Gordon Fullerton in black sharpie.  It is in "as new" condition and measures 16" x 20". 


#HOF 2005 Poster







STS-1 (Columbia) Launch - Crew Signed


 A picture speaks a thousand words.  This is an STS-1 launch photo mounted on a matt that has been hand signed by the flight crew of John Young and Bob Crippen.  The matt measures 11" x 14" and the photo measures 7" x 9.5".  In outstanding conditon.


  #Shut Multi - STS-1










STS 1 Crew (Columbia) Challe - Hand Signed


  This official NASA worm glossy has been hand signed by the flight crew of John Young and Bob Crippen.  It has been dedicated to noted aerospace figure William Todd and was origionally in his personal collection.  This image measures 10" x 8" is signed in black sharpie and is in excellent condition.  


  #Shut Multi - STS-1 Todd







  STS-5 (Columbia) Crew Signed


  This presentation has been authentically hand signed using black sharpie by the STS-5 flight crew.  It is dedicated to NASA figure William Todd who was a key player in a number of pioneer programs throughout his career in aeronautics.  The dedication reads, "To Bill Todd, with good wishes and thanks to you and your RI troups....The STS-5 Crew" The matt measures 11" x 14"  and the image is 9.5" x 7".  Is in beautiful condition.


  #Shut Multi - STS-5 Todd








  STS-6 (Challenger) Crew Signed


This presentation has been authentically hand signed using black sharpie by the STS-6 flight crew. This was the maiden flight of the Orbiter Challenger. Please note that Story Musgrave has actually signed his full name which is a rarity these days.  It is dedicated,  "To Jo Ann Mattey, with best wishes....".  The matt measures 14" x 10" and the mounted photo, 7.5" x 9.5". 


  #Shut Multi - STS-6







  STS-6 (Challenger) Crew Signed


  A lighthearted 8" x 10" glossy "F Troup" photo of the STS-6 crew who have each hand signed.  The photo is dedicated to well known aerospace figure William Todd..  The inscription which was written by Story Musgrave (who uses his full name) reads, "To Bill Todd, As you can see we need something to ride!."  A bit out of the ordinary but that's what makes it so desirable!  Signed in black sharpie and in excellent condition.


  #Shut Multi - STS-6 Todd








  STS-6 (Challenger) Crew Signed Cover


STS-6 cover hand signed by the entire flight crew of Paul Weitz, Story Musgrave (signs full name) Don Peterson and Karol Bobko.  Cover is cancelled on launch day of April 4, 1983 at KSC. 


  #Shut Multi - STS-6 Cover










STS-7 (Challenger) Crew Signed


  This official NASA litho has been hand signed by each of the STS-7 flight crew.  Signatures included are Sally Ride, Robert Crippen, Fred Hauck, John Fabian and Norman Thagard.  The inscription which was dedicated to noted areospace figure William Todd reads, "To Bill Todd with best wishes...The STS-7 Crew"  The signatures are in black sharpie with the slightest smudging to Sally Ride.  The litho meaures 10" x 8" and is in outstandng condition. 


  #Shut Multi - STS-7 Todd







STS-38 (Atlantis) Crew Signed


  This official NASA worm litho has been hand signed by the entire STS-38 flight crew.  Signatures include Richard Covey, Frank Culbertson, Sam Gemar, Robert Springer and Carl Meade.  It is dedicated to family members of noted aerospace figure William Todd.  The inscription reads, "To Jill, Harvey, Melissa and Michael...Best Wishes from the STS-38 Crew"


This signed litho measures 10" x 8" and is signed in black sharpie.  There are a few minor dents not easily seen and a slight bend in the upper right corner that only touches the white border.  I say this in order to provide full disclosure but think most anyone would be quite satisfied with the overall conditoin of this litho. 


#Shut Multi - STS-38 Todd



STS 41-D (Discovery) Crew Signed Cover


STS 41-D cover with crew photo cachet has been hand signed by the entire flight crew of Mike Mullaine, Steve Howley, Hank Hantsfield, Mike Coats, Charles Walker and Judy Resnik.  Cover is cancelled at KSC on August 30, 1984 which was launch day. 


Previous owner made pencil notes of flight crew names reverse side of cover.  It was later erased but remainder of writting can still be seen.  Otherwise, there are no condition issues.


#Shut Multi: STS-41-D Cover





STS 41-G (Challenger) Crew Signed

This official NASA worm litho has been hand signed by the entire 41-G flight crew.  Signatures include Paul Scully Power, Bob Crippen, Marc Garneau, Jon McBride, Sally Ride, Kathryn Sullivan and David Leestma.  This litho measures 10" x 8" and is signed in black sharpie.  It is in excellent condition.

  #Shut Multi: STS 41-G Todd




STS-51 Crew Signed


STS-51A (Discovery) Crew Signed


This official NASA glossy (with usual purple stamped info on reverse) shows Joe Allen and Dale Gardner during an EVA.  It is beautifully hand signed by the entire flight crew of Allen, Gardner, Hauck, Fisher and Walker.  It measures 8x10 and is in beautiful condition.  


#Shut Multi - STS 51A
















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