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The Apollo program was designed to land humans on the Moon and bring them safely back to Earth. Six of the missions (Apollos 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17) achieved this goal. Apollos 7 and 9 were Earth orbiting missions to test the Command and Lunar Modules, and did not return lunar data. Apollos 8 and 10 tested various components while orbiting the Moon, and returned photography of the lunar surface. Apollo 13 did not land on the Moon due to a malfunction, but also returned photographs. The six missions that landed on the Moon returned a wealth of scientific data and almost 400 kilograms of lunar samples. Experiments included soil mechanics, meteoroids, seismic, heat flow, lunar ranging, magnetic fields, and solar wind experiments.



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Apollo 13: Memorabilia




The 8.5" x 11 presentation certificate tells the story of Apollo 13 and the flown Fisher Space Pen that was flown on that ill fated mission.  That Fisher Pen was subsequently presented to "Jim Richards" (read certificate) and was itself used by Ken Havekotte of Space Coast Cover Service to hand sign the presentation offered here. 


Also included is a LOA from Farthest Reaches Inc. further attesting to the authenticity of this item.  These certificates were originally provided as incentives to individuals purchasing Gold Passes to the Sims/Hankow KSC Autograph Show in June, 2007.  Remaining supply is very limited.  A beautiful presentation and your chance to own a most affordable item signed using ink that flew to the Moon onboard Apollo 13!...


#Apollo Mem - Apollo 13 Ink Presentation







Apollo 13 Mission Operations Report - NASA - April 28, 1970
from the mission archives of Flight Director Neil Hutchinson


This mission Report for Apollo 13 dated April 28, 1970 contains the story of the Apollo 13 fight operation as seen in realtime.  An attempt was made to describe the situations, the various alternatives available, the decisions made and the reasons for those decisions.  No data is used except that available in realtime even in those cases where post-mission data shows the real time data to be in error. This report is hundreds of pages long and tabbed for organization.  


This copy is particularly desirable as it comes from personal mission archives of future Flight Director Neil Hutchinson who at that time was assigned to the SPAN room providing support for Apollo 13. 



#Apollo Mem - Apollo 13 Hutchinson Mission Operation Report






Apollo 13 launch viewing badge hand signed by both Eugene Kranz, Flight and Sy Liebergot, Apollo 13 EECOM.  This launch viewing badge is becoming more difficult to find and even less so hand signed by Kranz & Liebergot.


#Apollo Mem - 13 Launch Viewing Badge signed





Apollo 13: Superior Achievment Award Issued to Neil Hutchinson


Superior Achievement Award


to Neil B. Hutchinson

"For his exceptional service as a flight controller in the Mission Control Center during the fight of Apollo 13................."


Date Issued:  12/1970
Issued by: Robert Gilruth , Director, MSC  

Measures 11" x 814



This item is certainly one of the holy grails of Superior Achievement Awards as it was presented to Neil B. Hutchinson for his efforts contributing to "...the safe return of the astronauts of Apollo 13.  I've only seen a few of these including one in my personal collection and both are equally toned.


This was arguebly one of most harrowing near misses of the early manned space program and highlighted the effectiveness of NASA's collective expertise in the midst of a life life threatening emergency. As it would later be called by Gene Kranz... "Our finest hour!".  Exceedingly rare.


#Apollo Mem: 13 Superior Achievement Award








Apollo 13 FLOWN Kapton in Lucite
from the personal collection of NASA Flight Director Neil Hutchinson

Apollo 13 Flown Kapton Lucite




Offered here is a vintage (1st state) Apollo 13 FLOWN Kapton Foil frafment encased in a NASA issued Lucite. The Lucite contains an approximately 1" square piece of Mylar sealed in a 2.25" diameter x 1" tall cylinder.  The words "Apollo 13/Mylar/Command Module/Thermal Coating" is engraved on the bottom.  The vintage display is unquestionably the most desirable of the various states of these Lucite Kapton examples. 


Kapton foil is a thin Mylar material used to line the outer walls of the Command Module.  This display comes from the personal collection of former NASA Flight Director Neil Hutchinson who assigned to SPAN for that mission.  He was presented this following the mission in recognition of his contributions toward the safe return of the flight crew after the near fatal explosion.  A vintage Kapton Lucite from this mission is a real find !


#Apollo 13 Mem - Flown Kapton




apollo13pinback.jpg (69740 bytes)

Apollo 13 Pinback (2")


#Apollo Mem - 13 Pin Back

Tie clip given to members of the launch team for Apollo 13.  Much more desirable than the souvenirs sold in the gift shops and becoming difficult to come by.  In excellent condition. 


#Apollo Mem - 13-Launch Team Tie Clip 

ap13dinner.jpg (50693 bytes)


#Apollo 13 Diamond Anniversary Gala Dinner Program
 Museum of Flying, Santa Monica, California (4/29/2000)


#Apollo Mem - 13 Diamond Dinner Program

a13coverkapton.jpg (227842 bytes)

Apollo 13 Kapton - flown to the Moon


This cover issued by the Manned Spaceflight Cover Society honoring the third Lunar Landing Mission has affixed, a piece of Kapton (thermal insulating foil) that was removed from the Command Module Odyssey following it's splashdown in the Pacific on 4/17/70.  It is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from noted Space Historian Rick Boos.


#Apollo Mem - 13 Kapton on Cover

SpaceShot trading card showing the Apollo 13 damaged SM (0036) hand signed by Apollo 13 CAPCOM Jack Lousma in silver paint pen.  Comes in archival card holder.  Mint condition.


#Apollo 13 - Lousma CAPCOM SS Card

"Apollo 13" - The Film


This 8x10 photo is of Actor Clint Howard (aka. Sy Liebergot) and Director Ron Howard on the MCC set of "Apollo 13".  It is hand signed by both Clint Howard who adds, "Sy" and Ron Howard.  Both have signed in bold blue sharpie.  It would be ideal as a stand alone associational collectible OR one could easily add the signature of the "real" Apollo EECOM, Sy Liebergot if desired.  Photo is in pristine condition.


#Apollo 13 - The Howard Bros.



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Apollo 14: Memorabilia



This clip given to members of the launch team for Apollo 14.  Much more desirable than the cheap souvenirs sold in the gift shops.  In excellent condition.


#Apollo Mem - 14 Launch Team Tie Clip 

This is the MCC badge issued to and used by noted NASA Flight Controler Alan Glines.  Due to their limited number and the increasing number of badge collectors, these are becoming increasingly scarce.  This badge is in excellent condition despite the beginnings of some minor lamination due to having been used on a daily basis by Glines. 


#Apollo Mem - 14 Glines MCC Badge

apollo14hallmark.jpg (48551 bytes)

Apollo 14 Lions Brothers 4" mission patch.  Please note: Hallmarked mission number is circled on scan for your reference but does not appear on actual patch.


#Apollo Mem - 14 Lions Patch


nasafactsapollo14.jpg (74709 bytes)


NASA Facts


Apollo 14 Flight To Fra Mauro (4pgs)


#Apollo Mem - 14 NASA Facts







Apollo 15: Memorabilia





Lunar Surface CARRIED & Trans-Earth EVA Artifact

with Iron Clad Provenance

from the personal collection of Astronaut Dave Scott



13.75" x 16.75"




flag & patch




engraved plaque








stowage diagram




signed photo included




The framed presentation being offered here comes directly from Apollo 15 Astronaut Dave Scott.


It's highlight is a small beta-cloth US flag.  Making this flag so special is that it was secretly stored within a beta-cloth package and mounted on the internal structural bracket of an Apollo 15 Oxygen Purge System (OPS).  It remained there undected for all three days of EVA excursions during Apollo 15.


That's right.....The beta-cloth flag being offered was attached to the top of the Portable Life Support System (PLSS) where it remained as it traveled across the lunar surface with Dave Scott and James Irwin throughout all three lunar surface EVAs.


This alone woulld be enough to make this a highly desirable artifact but it dosen't end there.  This very same OPS (with beta flags attached) was also used to perform Apollo 15's record setting trans-earth EVA in deep space to retrieve film cannisters from the Service Module.  


Being carried on three lunar surface EVAs AND on the deepest ever space walk to retrieve the film cannisters puts this unique artifact into a class all by itself. It just doesn't get any better!


Also included to round out this amazing presentation is an Apollo 15 A-B Emblem cloth patch (4") which comes from the personal collection of Dave Scott who has marked it on it's reverse side accordingly and a hand signed photograph showing him exploring the lunar surface. 


The entire colorful story as to how this flag came to be secretly carried onboard Apollo 15 and to the lunar surface is expllained in all of it's detail on the included COA typed/hand signed by Dave Scott (shown here)


Only 10 of these flown flag & patch combination presentations are being produced and Farthest Reaches is the only source for #2, 3, 4, 5 at this time.  With iron clad provenance this incredible lunar surface/deep space carried artifact will become the highlight of any collection and something suitable to be passed down thru your family for generations to come. 


#Dave Scott Lunar Surface Flag


















Apollo 15 Guidance & Navigation Data Cards produced by Delco Electronics in April 1971 and designed for flight of Apollo 15. This ringed binder measuring 6.75" x 3.5" is 34 pages in length and comes directly from the mission files of Flight Director Neil Hutchinson as you can see in the scan.


#Apollo Mem - 15 G&N (Hutchinson)





NASA - Group Achievement Award

Lunar Orbit Experiments Team

Issued at Washington, DC - October 1, 1971

Issued by James Fletcher, Administrator, NASA



Presented to Neil Hutchinson for outstanding contributions to lunar science during the Apollo 15 mission as a member of the SPAN Team.Neil would go on to become a Flight Director beginning with Apollo 17.  Comes with a hand signed COA from Neil.  Measaures 11" x 14".



#Apollo Mem - 15- Lunar Experiments Team Award




Apollo 15: The Celestial Endeavor
McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company,  pre mission, 15 pages


This mission brochure was designed to help "you and your family to enjoy more fully the news media coverage of the mission.  I know that all of you will join with me in wishing total success to Apollo 15  and Godspeed to "Endeavor" and "Falcon".


It's 15 pages of text, graphs, maps, photographs, foldouts and on and on detailing various of the upcoming flight of Apollo 15.  VERY nice and in awesome condition.  The cover is hand signed by Al Worden who adds mission information, including dates.


#Apollo Mem - 15-The Celestial Endeavor

apollo15lapelpinb.jpg (29216 bytes)

Vintage Apollo 15 lapel pin with box. 

Your choice of silver

#Apollo Mem - 15 Lapel Pin 


onthemoon15.jpg (47582 bytes)


On The Moon with Apollo 15 - NASA, 6/71, 46pages


A bit yellowed around the edges but otherwise in nice shape. (8"x10) 


#Apollo Mem - 15 On the Moon


commendation.jpg (49115 bytes)

Apollo 15 Certificate of Commendation issued to Mel Brooks


Issue Date: 12/71
Issued by: Robert Gilruth, Director, MSC
Measures 11"x 14"


For those of you who aren't familiar with Mel, refer to Gene Kranz's book, "Failure
Is Not An Option".  Mel is mentioned quite frequently and was a very key player from the
Gemini through the STS Programs.



#Apollo Mem - 15 Brooks Apollo 15 Certificate

lunartraverse.jpg (42637 bytes)

"Group Achievement Award to Lunar Traverse Planning Team" issued to Mel Brooks


Issue Date: 10/1/71
Issued by: James Fletcher, Administrator, NASA
Measures 14" x 11"


For those of you who aren't familiar with Mel, refer to Gene Kranz's book, "Failure
Is Not An Option".  Mel is mentioned quite frequently and was a very key player from the
Gemini through the STS Programs.


#Apollo Mem - 15 Brooks Traverse Cert

ap15kapton.jpg (45306 bytes)

Apollo 15 Kapton - FLOWN to the Moon


A swatch of flown Kapton (thermal insulating) Foil taken from the Apollo command Module Endeavor following it's 8/7/71 Pacific Ocean splashdown.  Kapton is safely mounted to a presentation card and certified by Dick Williamson.  Kapton measures 30 x 10mm. 


#Apollo Mem -15 Kapton

MSC Internal Note No. 71 - FM- 232
Apollo 15 Lunar Trajectory Notes

NASA, 6/30/71, 215 pages

This document provides general information about the design of lunar trajectories and gives specific information about the Apollo 15 mission.  In outstanding condition.


 #Apollo Mem - 15 Trajectory Notes








Very cool asscoiational item.  Al Worden hand signs this Disney comic which was published in 1956. The book is well read but totally intact.  Despite not in perfect condition it's being signed by an Apollo Astronaut that makes this so intersting.  Besides the pirce it right.  Al's signature along costs over $100 these days.  Would make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays.


  #Apollo Mem - Man in Space Comic







Apollo 16: Memorabilia



Flag waived in the Mission Control Center - Houston upon the successful splashdown of the Apollo 16 Command Module on April 27th 1972.  This flag comes from the personal collection of Neil Hutchinson a NASA Flight Controler who beginning with Apollo 17 would become a Flight Director and known as "Silver Flight"  Measures 7.5" x 11"  Stick is missing.  In outstanding condition. Mission Control artifacts from the Apollo era are highly sought after and becomming exceptionally difficult to find these days. 


 #Apollo 16 Mem - Hutchinson MCC Flag





Dee O'Hara Apollo 16 Health Stabilization Badge

Apollo 16 Health Stabilization Badge issued to and used by Aerospace Nurse Dee O'Hara.  Dee's badges are extremely hard to come by....make that impossible to come by unless you're using Farthest Reaches as your source.  Excellent condition.


 #Apollo 16 Mem - O'Hara Badge






VINTAGE Glass Tang Jar - Hand Signed by Charles Duke !!


Tang which was wildly associated with NASA's manned space program was not necessarily the favorite drink of it's Astronauts.  Nevertheless it was carried on several flights including that of Apollo 16.  CDR, John Young developed some serious gas from drinking this stuff and made some off color  comments from the lunar surface via open mike that listeners all over the world could hear.  It was quite an interesting moment and a story that is retold over and over.


With the above in mind, what is being offered here is a very vintage (Apollo era) glass jar of Tang, minus the Tang itself but with it's full label still intact.  These jars with labels are exceedingly difficult to find. 


Making this especially interesting and unique however is that the label has been hand signed by Apollo 16, LMP Charles Duke.  Charlie boldly signs in black sharpie adding mission information AND dates.  This item has strong ties to our manned space program and quite a colorful story attached.  You'll seldom find anything like this offered for sale.  The bottle stands 4.5" high. 

#Vintage Tang Jar



a16pin.jpg (47389 bytes)


Vintage Apollo 16 Pin (2")


#Apollo Mem - 16 Pin Back


ap16clamshell.jpg (25759 bytes)

 Clam Shell shaped personal ashtray, candy dish, spoon rest or ??.  The round tab at top is an Apollo 16 mission emblem.  Appears to be made of aluminum and measures almost 3" across.  Set of 3 in original box.

#Apollo Mem - 16 Ashtray Set


apollo16rca.jpg (71291 bytes)

Apollo 16  - (RCA) Promotional Brochure


Front as pictured with inside and back devoted to Apollo 7 - 15 with information and mission emblems.  Very nice for autographs. Measures 8.5"x11. 


#Apollo Mem - 16 RCA Brochure


ap16mcdonnellbooklet.jpg (42435 bytes)

Apollo 16 (McDonnell Douglas) Issued prior to flight.  This 15 page publication is full of maps, photographs, some foldout pages, lots of text.  Very nice full description of mission and equipment.


 #Apollo Mem - 16 McDonnell Douglas Booklet


Ap16mfa.jpg (48615 bytes)

Apollo 16 Manned Flight Awareness Booklet  (NASA,  8 pgs.).  Great Condition. 


#Apollo Mem - 16 MFA Booklet





Apollo 17: Memorabilia


Apollo 17 Lunar Module Systems Handbook: LM-10 and Subsequent Vehicles
Rev A. PCN-3, September 30, 1971  
from the mission files of Apollo 17 Flight Director, Neil Hutchinson

Apollo 17 Lunar Module handbook from the mission files of Apollo 17 Flight Director Neil Hutchinson.  Includes schematics covering systems throughout the LM (most are foldouts). 

The first page is inscribed, "From the mission files of Apollo 17 Flight Director Neil Hutchinson" and is signed with "Silver Flight" added. . Important and RARE !

Apollo Mem - 17: Hutchinson LM Systems Handbook

Apollo 17 CSM Systems Checklist Book kept on the MCC Console during that mission
by Flight Director Neil Hutchinson

Apollo 17 CSM Systems Checklist dated November 6, 1972 (82 pages).  Actually kept for use on the MCC Console by that mission's Flight Director, Neil Hutchinson, Silver Flight who inscribes the first page accordingly.  Several hand annottions throughout.  Important and RARE !

Apollo Mem - 17: Hutchinson CSM Systems Checklist

Apollo 17 CSM Systems Data Book kept on the MCC Console during that mission
by Flight Director Neil Hutchinson

Apollo 17 CSM Systems Data Book dated August 21, 1972.  Actually kept for use on the MCC Console by that mission's Flight Director, Neil Hutchinson, Silver Flight who inscribes the first page accordingly. THis book contains incredible multiple foldout schmatics detailing a variety of CSM systems.  A few are shown in the scans above for your reference.  As you can imagine, console used MCC materials coming from the archives of a Flight Director for our last manned trip to the Moon are quite desirable and becoming down right elusive to find.  A truly amazing piece of space program history !  Please note that color differences in last two images are due to them being shot with a camera rather the scanner used to reproduce the truer color of pages one and two.  

Apollo Mem - 17: Hutchinson CSM Systems Data
$975 SOLD

Custom made Flight Director's headset used on the console from Apollo - Shuttle
from the personal collection of Neil Hutchinson

The NASA Mission Control Headset offered here was custom manufactured by Pacific Plantronics for Flight Director Neil Hutchinson.  They were utilized at Hutchinson's console for a number of missions including, Apollo 17, Skylab 1,2,3 and 4, ASTP, STS-1, STS-2 and STS-3.  Imagine the history this communication set has witnessed !


It is fine condition and comes with a letter of provenance from Hutchinson which states in part, "This headset was worn in NASA Mission Conrtol - Houston by Flight Director Neil Hutchinson....The headset is complete and has a custom lenght cord designed to all him to walk to all significant Flight Controller MOCR consoles while remaining plugged in to the Flight Director console...thus providing face to face conversation capability without using the communication loops in MCC"


An extremely rare and desirable of piece of MCC history with iron clad provenance.   



# Apollo Mem - MOCR Communication Headset (Hutchinson)


Apollo 17 40th Anniversary Medallion with flown metal

"Apollo 17 40th anniversary medallion w/ FLOWN metal



This 40th Anniversary medallion was produced in 2010 and commemorates the Apollo 17 mission.  This medallion contains metal that has flown to the moon on an Apollo Mission.  It measures 1.75" diameter and is in a  2" round case as can be seen in the image provided.


Winco International (Winco) certifies that the metal included in this Apollo 40th Anniversary medallion is taken from Apollo Command Modules that flew to the Moon.  Since NASA chose to celebrate the entire Apollo Program, no aspect of this 40th anniversary celebration was to be mission specific.  As a result, Winco cannot identify the specific Apollo missions that the flown metal is taken from. NASA has accepted Winco's certification per their knowledge of the metal used and their intentional usages of the individual and framed medallion editions.  Verious undefined flown metal types and percentages have been used in the production of these medallions. 


The edition is limited to 1972 medallions. Irton clad provenance. 



Apollo Mem - 17 - 40th Anniversary Medallion









Code 3 - Astronaut Model WITH Plexiglass Cover



Offered here is an original and beautiful space program collectible issued by Code 3 Collectibles in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institute Air & Space Museum.  This limited edition, individually numbered item comes brand new in box though the box is quite dirty from storage over the years.  The photo shown here has been taken from the web in order to aviod removing this new model from it's packaging


It includes a heavy astronaut sculpture, an American flag statue and a heavy detailed base that reproduces the moon's surface (complete with footprints!). The detail is simply amazing. The original issue price for this model was $132 when introduced in 2002. 


Please note: This model comes with the manufacturer's original plexiglass display cover (not shown in photos) 




#Apollo Mem - Code 3 Astronaut




Apollo 17 Mug issued to noted NASA Administrator Mel Brooks.  Measures 6" x 5" with the Apollo 17 mission emblem on front and Mel Brooks name in gold on reverse.  Beautiful condition. 


#Apollo Mem - 17 Mug Brooks

Apollo 17 launch viewing access badge. Reverse Includes security information as well as badge number.  In original plastic sleeve with pocket clip attached. 


#Apollo Mem - 17 Launch Viewing Badge



Apollo 17 Pad Apron Permit.  These permits got you so close to the pad, you could practically touch the Saturn V.  Not sure who this was issued to but it has clearly been well used.  Tough to find, if it could only talk...what stories it might tell.


#Apollo Mem - 17 Apron Permit

This badge was issued to and worn by Apollo 17 "Silver" Flight Director Neil Hutchinson.  If you were going to own ONE MCC badge from this most historic mission, THIS would be the one.  It is in excellent condition as you can see by the scan.  Highly desirable !!


#Apollo Mem - Hutchinson Apollo 17 Badge


Apollo 17 NASA Internal Note

Spacecraft Operational Trajectory: Apollo 17 - Launch December 6, 1972, CST

Volume I - Mission Profile MSC Internal Note No.72-FM-187

NASA, MSC-07197, August 18, 1972, 300+ pages


This NASA document comes from the personal Apollo 17 mission files of Flight Director Neil Hutchinson. It is hand signed on the inside of the cover accordingly, "From the Apollo 17 mission files of Flight Director Neil Hutchinson who signs and adds "Silver Flight".


This is Volume I of a two volume set.  It contains a detailed description of the mission profile for Apollo 17.  Loaded with charts, graphs, foldouts, maps and diagrams.


In great shape and highly desirable as it comes from the personal archives of that mission's Flight Director !   


#Apollo Memo - 17: Hutchinson Technical Note

Offered here is the program for the Apollo 17 Manned Flight Awareness Reception at Cape Colony Inn, Coco Beach Fl.  It is dated December 5, 1972 and is 10 pages long.  It highlights those who were being honored as well as profiles of the flight crew and mission objectives/timelines. The last page has space for autographs though there are none present on this particular program.  In addition to the program itself, this item comes with a guest invitation for a NASA Contractor, admitting the individual into the event.  A very nice vintage associational item. 

#Apollo Memo - 17 MFA Reception Program

This is the MCC badge issued to and used by noted NASA Flight Controller Alan Glines.  Due to their limited number and the increasing number of badge collectors, these are becoming increasingly scarce.  This badge is in excellent condition despite having been used on a daily basis by Glines. 


#Apollo Mem - 17 Glines MCC Badge

This certificate was a promotional item passed out to people who were at KSC to witness the launch of Apollo XVII.  As you can see it's quite colorful and a great associational item for those who are interested in this mission.  Measures 8.5" x 11". 


#Apollo Mem - 17 Launch Witness Cert

apollo17keychain.jpg (52982 bytes)

Vintage Apollo 17  Key Ring



a17pin2.jpg (46905 bytes)

Vintage Apollo 17 Pin (2")


#Apollo Mem - 17 Pin Back (a)

a17pin.jpg (30568 bytes)

Vintage Apollo 17 pin (1.5")


#Apollo Mem - 17 Pin Back (b)

ASTP: Memorabilia


ASTP certificate for Floyd Henry presented for his contributions to the success of that mission.  This 17.25" x 21.5" matted presentation is one of the more lavish and colorful of of it's time that Ive seen thus far.  The artwork depicts images of both the American and Russian launches.  This states to have been issued by the NASA Communications Division as well as the Enginering Directorate. 


Aside from some minor wrinkling where it was attached to the mat, it is in excellent condition.


 #ASTP - FH Certificate


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